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At Global Tech Council, we are dedicated to providing top-tier education in cutting-edge technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence &  Machine Learning,, Cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and more. These futuristic technologies hold immense potential and offer countless opportunities for innovation and career advancement.

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What is Global Tech Council?

Global Tech Council envisions to impart world class training in technologies such as Big data, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Internet of things, Virtual reality, Augmented Reality, Machine learning and much more. These technologies are futuristic and possess great potential with enormous opportunities. Getting certified in these in-demand technologies opens a world of possibilities with bright career prospects for individuals. These training sessions are specifically designed to impart an in-depth, hands-on knowledge to individuals, to enhance their credibility and experience the acceleration in their career.

Certifications from Global Tech Council are acknowledged throughout the world, as quality is a feature we truly focus on. The determination to deliver an ultimate quality when it comes to training has led Global Tech to become a world leader in them. Our training sessions are conducted by industry experts with extensive knowledge and experience in each domain.

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Learn and Aspire:– Begin your learning experience about the key areas and implementation of the next-generation technologies and enter into the next wave of globalization and innovation.

Create and Explore:– Build your career in the new tech space, and explore every emerging possibility that the technologies of tomorrow are rapidly introducing to today’s changing world.

Excel and Grow:– Give your technical career a much needed uplift and excel in the most in-demand technical roles and requirements.


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Jesse M Garcia

AVP – InfoSecurityOps Data Analytics Sr Analyst


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AI Engineer and Technology Strategist

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Cyber Security Consultant

Sogeti Deutschland GmbH

Professional Certification Benefits

Professional Certification Benefits

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