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As Python continues to lead the programming industry, the demand for skilled Python developers is at an all-time high. Join us on a transformative journey designed not just to follow this trend but to lead it. The Certified Python Developer™ Certification program provides comprehensive knowledge of Python programming and its applications across various domains. Through practical experiences, you will master the techniques and tools that drive software development and innovation. Embark on this exciting journey with us and become a Certified Python Developer™, ready to shape the future of software development. Be at the forefront of a world where cutting-edge technology and human ingenuity combine to create powerful and efficient solutions.


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Course duration

5 Hours



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Certification Validity


Modules Included

  • What is Python?
  • Setting Up Python (installation, IDEs)
  • Your First Fly Python Program
  • Variables and Assignments
  • Numeric Data Types (int, float)
  • Strings and String Manipulation
  • Lists and Tuples
  • Dictionaries and Sets
  • Conditional Statements (if, elif, else)
  • Loops (for)
  • Loops (while)
  • Loop Control Statements (break, continue)
  • Error Handling (try, except)
  • Defining Functions
  • Function Parameters and Return Values
  • Scope and Lifetime of Variables
  • Lambda Functions
  • Recursions
  • Understanding Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries, and Sets in depth
  • List Comprehensions
  • Working with Files
  • Working with Dates and Times
  • What is Machine Learning? 
  • Types of Learning 
  • Clustering 
  • Classification 
  • Decision Tree 
  • Regression 
  • Support Vector Machine 
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Classes and Objects
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Encapsulation and Abstraction
  • Special Methods
  • Exception Handling (Custom Exceptions)
  • Regular Expressions
  • Working with APIs (Requests)
  • Unit Testing (pytest)
  • Numpy for Numerical Computing
  • Pandas for Data Analysis
  • Matplotlib for Data Visualization
  • Introduction to Web Development
  • Flask or Django Framework
  • Creating a Simple Web Application
  • Guided Project Work
  • There will be a multiple choice exam of 100 marks.
  • You need to acquire 60+ marks to clear the exam.
  • If you fail, you can retake the exam after one day.
  • You can take the exam no more than 3 times.
  • If you fail to acquire 60+ marks even after three attempts, then you need to contact us to get assistance for clearing the exam

Top Job Roles

A Certified Python Developer™ is a distinguished professional holding a certification that validates their exceptional expertise in Python programming. These experts possess deep knowledge and skills in utilizing Python to develop robust applications, solve complex problems, and enhance various processes. They are the visionaries behind transformative software solutions, leveraging their expertise to develop and implement Python-based models in diverse industries.

The certification program is designed for individuals passionate about Python programming and its applications. Ideal candidates include Python enthusiasts, software developers, data scientists, web developers, and tech entrepreneurs. This certification enhances skills and knowledge in core Python concepts, preparing participants to innovate and excel in the field of software development.

Certified Python Developers™ are proficient in developing and applying Python programs to address real-world challenges. They work with cross-disciplinary teams to integrate Python into various applications, from web development and data analysis to automation and machine learning. These experts explore innovative uses of Python, driving technological advancements and transforming industries with their solutions.

Certification Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

A distinguished professional with certification in Python programming principles and applications.

Python enthusiasts, software developers, data scientists, web developers, tech entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in leading in Python technology.

Comprehensive knowledge of Python, validation of expertise, enhanced career opportunities, industry recognition, and staying updated on Python technology.

Yes, you can retake the certification exam. Check the certification authority’s policies for details on attempts and fees.

Refer to the official website for up-to-date pricing and payment options.

Yes. You have to pass the exam in the first three attempts

Recommended to be completed in 6 days with 1 hour daily commitment. The online exam can be taken anytime but is recommended within 10 days of program completion.

No specific prerequisites, making it accessible to professionals interested in gaining expertise in Python programming principles and applications.

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