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In the rapidly evolving landscape of conversational AI, chatbots have emerged as powerful tools for businesses to engage with their customers intelligently and efficiently. Join us on a transformative journey with our Certified Chatbot Expert™ Certification program, meticulously crafted to elevate your skills and position you as a leader in this dynamic field. This comprehensive program equips you with advanced knowledge of chatbot development, conversation design, and AI technologies, empowering you to create seamless and personalized chatbot experiences. Through immersive, hands-on experiences, you’ll master the skills and strategies essential for designing, deploying, and optimizing chatbots that drive customer satisfaction and business growth.   Join us and emerge as a Certified Chatbot Expert™, ready to revolutionize customer engagement and shape the future of conversational AI. Be at the forefront of a world where personalized interactions and intelligent automation redefine the way businesses connect with their audience.


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Course duration

4 Hours



Access Mode


Certification Validity


Modules Included

  • Introduction to Certified ChatBot Expert™
  • News and Notifications
  • Customer Service Agent
  • Financial Services
  • Onboarding
  • Shopping
  • Community Management
  • Fashion
  • Healthcare
  • Gaming

This module will introduce you to chatbots, their history, and how they have evolved since birth. It will also help you to understand the basics of Artificial Intelligence in computers.

Moreover, this chatbot training module will enhance your knowledge about the different chatbots used in our daily lives; helping you to get comfortable with their work. Later on, the module goes on to focus on different types of chatbots that can be created for different platforms.

  • What is a Chat Bot?
  • What is Artificial Intelligence?
  • Platforms supporting ChatBot
  • ChatBot Examples

This module will tell you all about the general structure (frontend and backend) and components of a chat, how they work, and the role of Natural Language Processing in chatbots. It also focuses on the role of Deep Learning and Neural Networks in the chatbots.

  • UI Interface (App, website, SMS, Audio)
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Neural Network
  • Deep Learning
  • Tensor Flow

This will help you to understand the chatbots that are functional in the real world. It will also give you a clearer idea of the best practices that need to be followed for the creation of a chatbot.
Then this module talks about NLP in detail – how the user can input data in the system, how the system will understand it, and produce the desired output. It will also tell the user about training the chatbot through different data libraries.

  • Defining Purpose
  • Practicing Mock Conversations
  • Identifying Intents and Entities
  • NLP and Deep Learning

This module introduces the learner to Google’s Dialogflow console. It will also talk about the benefits of using Dialogflow and its different dashboard components.

  • How To Handle NLP?
  • Intents & Entities
  • Fulfillment
  • Integrations
This module will help you grasp the deployment process of a chatbot with the help of an example (a travel chatbot). This chatbot will be intelligent enough to suggest places to travel and other additional information. It will then guide the learner to install the three essential services, namely Python distribution, Webhooks, and Ngrok.
  • Capstone Project -Travel Guide Bot
  • Setting up the Environmet
  • Handling Intents & Entities
  • Webhooks & Ngrok Tunneling
  • Deploying to Slack

You will appear for the expert certification exam online and pass it with a minimum of 60% to get successfully certified. Below are the things to keep in mind.

  • There will be a multiple choice exam of 100 marks.
  • You need to acquire 60+ marks to clear the exam.
  • If you fail, you can retake the exam after one day.
  • You can take the exam no more than 3 times.
  • If you fail to acquire 60+ marks even after three attempts, then you need to contact us to get assistance for clearing the exam

Top Job Roles

A Certified Chatbot Expert™ is a distinguished professional holding a certification that validates their exceptional expertise in chatbot development and conversational AI. These experts possess deep knowledge and skills in designing, building, and deploying advanced chatbot solutions tailored to meet diverse business needs. They are the visionaries behind transformative chatbot experiences, leveraging their expertise to enhance customer engagement, streamline processes, and drive business outcomes.
The certification program is designed for individuals passionate about conversational AI, including chatbot developers, UX designers, product managers, customer experience professionals, and business leaders. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your career in AI, this certification equips you with the tools and insights needed to excel in the rapidly evolving field of chatbot development and deployment.
Certified Chatbot Experts™ are proficient in creating intelligent and personalized chatbot experiences that deliver value to both businesses and customers. They leverage their expertise in AI, natural language processing, and conversation design to build chatbots that understand user intent, provide relevant responses, and drive meaningful interactions. These experts collaborate with cross-functional teams to design, develop, and deploy chatbot solutions that optimize customer engagement, improve operational efficiency, and achieve business objectives.

Certification Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

A Certified Chatbot Expert™ is a recognized professional with advanced expertise in chatbot development and conversational AI, holding a certification that validates their skills and knowledge in the field.
Chatbot developers, UX designers, product managers, customer experience professionals, business leaders, and anyone passionate about leveraging conversational AI to enhance customer engagement and drive business outcomes.
Advanced expertise in chatbot development, validation of skills and knowledge, career advancement opportunities, industry recognition, and access to ongoing learning and networking opportunities.
Yes, you have the opportunity to retake the certification exam if you do not pass it on your first attempt. Please refer to the certification guidelines for specific details on retake policies and procedures.
For the most up-to-date information on program pricing, payment options, and any available discounts or scholarships, please visit our official website or contact our admissions team.
The Certified Chatbot Expert™ program is designed to be completed within a flexible timeframe, allowing you to progress at your own pace. While the recommended duration for completing the program is six weeks, the actual time may vary based on individual learning preferences and prior experience.
There are no specific prerequisites for enrolling in the Certified Chatbot Expert™ program. However, a basic understanding of programming concepts, familiarity with AI technologies, and a passion for leveraging conversational AI to drive business outcomes would be beneficial.

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