Learn from the industry experts and smartly manage your cryptocurrencies investment portfolio. Acquire skills to create strategies and expand your profile utilizing trading tools. With Blockchain Council’s Crypto Trader Training session, learn the swift and effortless way to invest.

Benefits of the Training

  • Understand the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies.
  • Understand the analysis of the top cryptocurrencies prices.
  • Learn to build and manage a crypto portfolio.
  • Learn how to technically analyze a crypto chart to identify good trades.
  • Learn how to determine the portfolio size.
  • Learn to store cryptocurrencies securely in wallets.
  • Understand the legalities behind investing in cryptocurrencies.
  • Understand the types of trades and which one to get into it.

Topics to be Covered

  • Blockchain Technology overview.
  • Cryptocurrency overview.
  • Key cryptocurrencies and their price analysis.
  • Legalities and compliances around cryptocurrencies
  • How cryptocurrencies gain value?
  • How to buy and store cryptocurrencies securely?
  • Interpreting and analyzing crypto charts technically.
  • How to use technical indicators?
  • Identifying buy and sell zones of a trade.
  • How to pay tax on profit?
  • Future of cryptocurrency trading.
  • How to manage a crypto portfolio?
  • Brief introduction of ICOs.
  • Q&A

Who must attend

  • Financial consultant & advisors looking to expand their business portfolios.
  • Investment Bankers
  • Asset Managers
  • Working professionals who want to invest in cryptocurrencies.
  • Cryptocurrency enthusiasts
  • Anybody who wants to expand their investment portfolios.
  • Anybody who wants to understand the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies and their market evaluations.
  • Anybody who wants to learn the technical indicators and analysis of trading.

Venue for Training

SpringHouse Co-Working Space,
6006, Lower Ground Floor,
DLF Phase IV,
Gurugram, Haryana, 122009

About the Instructor

  • Toshendra Sharma, Founder & CEO @RecordsKeeper

Founder & CEO at RecordsKeeper, a Blockchain-based record keeping solution for businesses & individuals.

Earlier he founded Appvigil (Wegilant) in Nov 2011 along with pursuing my Masters in Application Security from IIT Bombay, India.

During Wegilant & before that, he has trained 15000+ students in 5+ years across various college & offices in India. He has also written a book on AVR Micro-controller with the name “Robotics with AVR”.

He was the part of Forbes India 30 Under 30 List of 2016 in Technology space.
Check his social profile on LinkedInFBTwitter

  • Rohendra Singh, Founder & CTO @RecordsKeeper

Blockchain Solution Architect, Ex-VP Engineering @Appvigil

Founder & CTO @RecordsKeeper Blockchain Solution Architect, Ex-VP Engineering @Appvigil

Rohendra had led Appvigil 16+ people team as VP-Engineering and architect the whole solution on AWS in a highly scalable way. Were performing 10,000 memory intensive vulnerability scans per hour without getting crashed. Rohendra has also led the Architect team in TCS for multiple projects.

Rohendra is known for faster & highly scalable product development on AWS & can solve any problem using technology.
Check his social profile on LinkedInFBTwitter




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