5 factors steering the power of artificial intelligence in 2021

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic these days. In this era, it is an integral part of technology. As a result, this world is witnessing tremendous growth in the field of artificial intelligence. Covid-19 gives a major push to this growth as well. Social distancing, physical distancing, remote working, touchless functionality of different things, an automated machine is only possible to develop properly with the help of artificial intelligence.

2021 is a developing and changing year. Some massive changes are taking place in every possible field this year. Artificial intelligence is also a part of this change. Five prominent and important factors steer the power of artificial intelligence in 2021.

Neural Networks:

Robotic brains are developing, just like human brains with all the complex structures and functionality. The neural network is a massive and revolutionary development in the field of robotics and machine learning. The main work of this network system is to mimic the human brain. And to do this work properly, it is of utmost importance to make the system intelligent enough. Here comes artificial intelligence. This is a core and essential part of the neural network for better processing and functioning. This factor gives massive power to artificial intelligence like no other field.

Microprocessing Artificial Intelligence chips:

The vision of the semiconductor industry is also changed. They are focusing on developing microprocessing Artificial Intelligence chips for better and robust bandwidth and on-chip memory. The primary function of the chip will be to enhance the power of computer vision and make the CPUs into GPUs without any extra cost. To make this happen, it is essential to take the help of artificial intelligence so that the chip can be intelligent enough to make smart devices.

Automated healthcare system:

According to many experts and scientists, this covid-19 may be the tip of the iceberg. The way our environment is changing and human continues to hurt it more; experts think that the number of dangerous and killer virus attacks may increase in the coming future. This makes a considerable need for automated healthcare systems and devices to protect people. And all automated systems need the hand of artificial intelligence.

Higher ROI:

Organizations always want to increase the percentage of profit, and for this, many organizations are motivated to deploy cutting-edge technologies for their higher ROI. Many machine learning models can boost productivity, protect employees, and understand customer behavior for better customer engagement. For this, all the machine learning algorithms need artificial intelligence.

Open-source software:

Open-source software is a need of this time. All the developers and beginners both need to use this software. Moreover, these open-source software need artificial intelligence for predictive analytics, data ingestion, accessible model building, robust ML production, and much more.


Artificial intelligence is a growing industry. Every year it will set a new benchmark. This growth is unstoppable, and shortly, more fields will be steering the power of artificial intelligence. After all, intelligence is the main reason behind all the good and successful work done.