5 Important Milestones Artificial Intelligence Will Touch in 2019.

From the starting of 2019, we have seen artificial intelligence grow. Above all, we are now more familiar to AI-oriented machines and systems. We think it is safe to say that this technology would only boom in the coming months. Hence, if you know anything about artificial intelligence, you’d be amazed to read what we are about to deliver in the next 5 minutes.

Artificial intelligence is a field of technology that deals with imparting intelligence to machines. This technology gives machines the power to draw upon previous experience and then act accordingly in the future.

Don’t you think technology like this would go a long way?

Check out the 5 important milestones that artificial intelligence might resolve in 2019:

  • Artificial intelligence would improve healthcare for senior citizens. It would make living easier through machine learning. For instance, Philips Hue can adjust lights in the room according to the requirements. This system uses machine learning to judge the requirements of the resident to provide the right amount of light in the house.


  • In this year or the next year, artificial intelligence-enabled machines or systems would become secure and safer. Currently, we even doubt the ability of Alexa as it saves conversations. This would change as technology would become safer and secure. Scientists and designers now continue working on creating a safe co-existing environment for humans and machines.


  • Drones and all the inventions related to drones would take the front stage in the second half of the year. We would now see drones in our daily lives. For instance, drones for traffic control, delivery service, and entertainment. This technology has a lot of potentials and we will see a lot of it in the future.


  • Financial services would utilize artificial intelligence for not only financial advice but also for every other business operation. They would utilize artificial intelligence for everything – be back-office operations, IT-related tasks, or future predictions of business decisions.


  • Artificial intelligence would improve communication services by the end of 2019. This means that customers would happily chat with an AI-enabled bot to resolve their queries. Bots would respond just as a human would and sometimes, even better than humans.


Artificial intelligence would see many new inventions in the coming years. We would see the emergence of self-driving cars and home assistants. These technologies would completely change the way we execute daily tasks or make regular decisions.

Don’t you think?