How AI Is Enhancing Customer Experiences

Artificial intelligence experts predict as many as 95% of all consumer interactions will be through channels powered by artificial intelligence technology in the coming time. Customers live in an omnichannel environment, but most businesses are still struggling to plan, quantify, and develop cross-channel journeys. Artificial intelligence can be effectively used to provide quick, secure, and knowledgeable customer service at any stage in the customer’s journey. This would result in re-imagined consumer interactions and end-to-end customer journeys that are streamlined and more personal, making them more accessible to consumers.

In this article, we’ll see how artificial intelligence is a game-changer and look under the hood at AI’s role in customer experience.


Need For AI in Customer Experiences 

Customer engagement is a crucial engine of growth when it is successful and a significant source of risk when it fails. Data insights are one of the chief tools for customer experience development. However, the customer experience datasets are messy, and the customer’s behavior is chaotic because the rules are not specified, and performance requirements are unclear. Customer experience is like a nightmare dataset for an AI developer. That is why companies focus on hiring, Certified artificial intelligence experts


At the same time, this ambiguity is precisely why AI can add so much value to the customer’s experience. Sales associates, call center agents, and staff in other customer-oriented positions can not understand the customer’s entire past and draw their conclusions in real-time. Automated systems can not be hand-programmed with guidelines to manage any possible customer experience. Delivering consistent service across all platforms involves identifying trends across a large number of data points. This is the appropriate role for AI in the experience of the customer.


Ways in Which AI is Enhancing Customer Experience


  • It’s Available 24/7


One AI bonus is, it never needs to sleep. Similar to motivating consumers through self-service, AI also enables customers to provide 24/7 help, something that most businesses may not have been able to afford or workers of the age of old. 24/7 support is not just a decent CX, but a table stake in today’s market. Most consumers aren’t able to wait until you open your doors to answer their biggest account questions. AI is making it possible.



  • Gives Freedom of Self-Service


AI removes the need to wait on hold for the next agent available to assist me with a specific issue with my bill, product, or service. AI has changed all that by encouraging businesses to use chatbots and virtual assistants to address specific customer service questions, enabling consumers to get in and out of a jiffy. Back in 2011, Artificial intelligence developers could foresee that by 2020, 85% of customer relationships will be managed without human association.


  •  Improves Personalization

Another essential way for AI to improve consumer experience is through the delivery of personalized content. It is an age where we never need to look for goods that will make our lives simpler. Today, it’s too easy to find a recommendation based on your experience. Like recommended videos and movies on YouTube and Netflix; recommended music on Apple music; recommended Amazon Prime TV shows; and recommended products on Amazon. Essentially, AI puts the established hipsters out of business by taking all material to the forefront. It is an era where everyone knows everything that is important to their needs and desires. AI is also finding its path into the cloud, where companies are dropping their data lakes to gather faster insights from data and analytics.


  • Provides Automated Life Assistance 


Many of us are using Alexa to turn on the radio or dim the lights. However, businesses are using Alexa, Google Home, and other robotic AI to make their customers’ lives simpler. For example, Banks link Alexa and Google Home to allow customers to schedule transfers and bill payments. Stores will enable them to order products by voice. Film theaters will let them buy tickets, pick seats, and pre-order popcorn before they leave the driveway without even jumping on their smartphones. These are the ways how AI improves customer experience, and these use cases can only continue to evolve as AI grows outwardly.



  • Become a Know-All Service Agent


It’s difficult for people to be on customer service all the time. Most of the people have some terrible encounters that probably lead them to quit whatever company they were communicating with at the time. The benefit of AI, however, is that it doesn’t get upset. While it has the ability to acquire emotional intelligence, it doesn’t concern us as humans do. That gives companies peace of mind that their agents will always be generous and accommodating, and their consumers will always leave with a smile.



  • Can Optimize Data


AI’s job will be to help companies leverage the treasure chest of the consumer background available to them through any digital contact, whether through their website, email, or a modern messaging app. They can mine the data for insight into consumer needs and desires; they can use smart chatbots in combination with human agents to provide unique and truly outstanding customer experiences.


The whole point of using AI to enhance customer service is to make the customers feel recognized and respected. Weak AI is going to have the opposite outcome every time. That’s why to top this off; there’s one important caveat: testing, re-testing, and testing again from the customer’s point of view of all of the AI you’ve put in place.

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