How Artificial Intelligence is changing Content Marketing?

It was a long time ago that Alan Turing questioned the intelligence of machines in the 1950s. We’ve come a long way since then with the IBM supercomputer Deep Blue winning against reigning world champion Garry Kasparov in 1996.

Artificial Intelligence growth has taken the world by storm since then, and its impact is slowly visible on businesses, societies and individuals alike. Similarly, even content marketing has been affected by AI. It is helping the marketers to understand the dynamic strategies surrounding content marketing by analyzing user data and giving more weightage to user intent.

AI includes a lot of technologies like machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, natural language processing (NLP), and natural language generation (NLG) which together provide solutions for large amounts of unstructured data. They also offer recommendations based on previously established criteria. It helps content marketers to discover keywords, plan their blog posts, personalize their content, automation, review analytics, etc. It has become an advantageous tool, especially for data-driven marketers.

There are multiple ways in which AI has changed content marketing.

  •    Automated Content Generation

With the help of AI, content marketers can generate simple content such as reports and elementary articles and updates. These are produced by algorithms which have analyzed multiple human-authored articles.

  •    Interactive Chatbots Experience

Chatbots have revolutionized content marketing. They are basically computer programs which use AI to impersonate human conversations with users. An excellent example is Facebook Messenger, which uses chatbots to have conversations with users while answering their queries or any other help-related topics.

  •    Customized News Feed

AI has enabled social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to customize the news feed of users. This function allows users only to see posts which are of interest to them.

This feature of customization is only possible because each social network analyses hordes of data to understand user preferences. This way they can predict which posts a user will like, dislike, comment on, hide or mark as spam. These variables are made relevant by running multiple algorithms to understand them. The same mechanism is used while displaying ads to users depending on their interest.

  •    Predictive Intelligence

Predictive Intelligence is basically a method of ensuring that unique experiences are delivered to every individual. Thus content marketers can observe customer behavior and according to the data collected build a profile of preferences for each customer. It makes businesses more efficient and even more personalized for users. Reports suggest that predictive intelligence has improved the ROI (Return on Investment) scores.

  •    Content Creation and Curation

AI aids in content curation with algorithms which collect data about a particular target audience. For example, the data could include what a user likes to read or if they want any specific concerns related to the business addressed. AI gives more purpose to content curation because it helps marketers to create relevant content for every stage of the marketing funnel. This increases the likelihood of them buying a particular product or service.

  •    Improved Customer Experience

Intelligent computers, bots, algorithms are all helping to give customers a better experience while shopping or consuming a particular service. From Siri to Cortana, they make curated suggestions based on the questions and requests made. They almost respond in a human-like manner, whether it’s verbally or via text.

Thus, Artificial Intelligence lets content marketers focus more on the customer and ensure that their needs are completed in real time. The data which is collected makes the process easier to understand what type of content should be targeted at which customers as well as keeping in mind the medium which is being used. However, a proper marketing strategy is utmost important even while using AI.