How is AI used by the Hollywood industry?

The film world is full of fascinating what-ifs. Actors and producers are still staring at projects that are never completed or made by anyone else, and viewers are left wondering what they may have been. But that’s not good enough for people who make money from films. They want to know if casting A instead of B is the difference between a flop and a smash hit. They want to know if a movie that bombs in the U.S. will set box office records across Europe. And now that can be determined by artificial intelligence. Enroll for an artificial intelligence certification and become an artificial intelligence expert.

Blog Contents

  • Use Cases of AI
    • Predicting a Film’s Success
    • Choosing Actors
    • Movie Editing
    • Composing Music
    • Script Writing
    • Movies Promotion
    • Making films
  • Conclusion

AI has already been incorporated into many facets of the film industry. In order to forecast the success of movies, write scripts, design graphics, choose the cast, and even support film projects. 

Use Cases of AI

Let’s see how AI can be used at various filmmaking levels.

  1. Predicting a Film’s Success

AI can also be used to evaluate the script of a film in order to estimate the profits that the film is likely to earn. Although algorithmic projections can not always prove to be absolutely precise, major film studios are already attracting growing interest. Warner Bros., for instance, has switched to a forum focused on Cinelytic AI to forecast the success of its movies and box office receipts. The Merlin system that uses AI and machine learning to match movies to specific genres and audiences has been incorporated by 20th Century Fox, as well as providing full demographics for every movie. 

2. Choosing Actors

By conducting auditions automatically, AI technologies accelerate the process of casting actors. According to the stated requirements and textual image description, AI platforms search for actors in the database. They can also be used to digitally add actors in movies in various emotions and even de-age actors for certain roles. In order to create different digital characters, filmmakers can also benefit from the use of AI.

Further, Different Actors can be compared separately, compared in the package. With different Actors being modeled into both scenarios and seeing for this particular film, which one has better implications for different territories.

3. Movie editing

The gateway to getting people to the theatres is movie previews. It is also necessary for studios to produce trailers that force the viewer to watch the film in a theatre.AI can be leveraged to support editors creating trailers for movies. The AI algorithm will understand high-action or high-emotion areas and highlight them to create the final trailer for a human editor.

Similarly, in feature-length editing movies, AI can support editors. With facial recognition technology, the AI algorithm can recognize the main characters and help sort out those scenes for human editors. 

4. Composing Music

The music industry is already being revolutionized by AI, and it can also be integrated into music scores and compositions used in movies. The AI algorithm can evaluate data from distinct compositions with reinforcement learning. In music compositions, it may identify patterns and learn patterns that make fun music or are typically associated with a specific genre. Based on the analyzed data, the AI model will generate new musical patterns. It can also create templates based on the situation or the appropriate genre for background scores. The AI algorithm, for example, can recognize patterns used in jumpscare audio to construct models that can be used in upcoming movies in such situations. Global technology companies are using AI to independently create music or support musicians. 

5. Script writing

In Hollywood, using computers for writing scripts is gaining popularity. To build new scripts or write synopsis and character names for already published movies, machine learning, and artificial intelligence algorithms can be used. A machine learning algorithm is fed with loads of data to create a new script in the form of several movie scripts or a book that needs to be adapted into a film. By learning from the results, the AI algorithm may come up with new scripts. Or in a novel, it can evaluate, understand, and sort the plot to come up with its own version of a script containing significant story events.

In addition, AI can be used to analyze individual scripts that will be generated into a film. The algorithm will evaluate the script and come up with questions and concerns of its own. As the algorithm can analyze scripts much faster than human beings, this helps save time and money. 

6. Movies Promotion 

For efficient advertisement and promotion, film studios have been using AI. Analyzing various factors such as the viewer base, the popularity of actors across the globe, film studios will arrange their promotions according to those places where the audience expects the highest interest. 20th Century Fox, for example, has developed the neural network of Merlin Video to predict the success of promotional videos. IBM’s supercomputer was also used by the film studio to make the promotional clip for the movie Morgan.

7. Making films

Last but not least, Artificial Intelligence also creates its own films. In just 48 hours, in collaboration with Ross Goodwin, Benjamin AI produced the science fiction film ‘Zone Out.’ While the film is not likely to win any awards, it is still an exciting and challenging experience and a step forward in the intelligent use of AI technology to automate video production.


AI brings a multitude of advantages to the film industry with so many groundbreaking applications in filmmaking, including enhancing the overall filmmaking process, saving time and money, and producing higher revenues. AI acts as an assistant for film making when humans are in charge. Therefore, filmmakers are looking for ways to integrate technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to lift the quality generated by cinema, entertain millions around the globe, and generate income of billions. AI certificate programs are on the rise, making a career in artificial intelligence, and going for an artificial intelligence course online with a certificate.