How to Become An AI Expert?


  • Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the algorithms and codes that enable a machine to achieve human-like interpretation and reproduce its actions.
  • An AI expert is someone with knowledge about AI, deep learning mechanisms used to program AI, and developing various AI-based devices.
  • The responsibilities of an AI expert include creating AI models, managing teams, overseeing training sessions, and evaluating the feasibility and cost of projects.
  • Prerequisites for becoming an AI expert include a degree in computer programming, knowledge of programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Python, and machine learning, natural language processing, and deep learning.
  • Getting a proper AI certification can help you get a strong base and be ahead of the race in the field of AI.

Have you ever thought about how your Netflix search bar suggests the results you’d be looking for, even before you finish the word? Or have you observed how google maps suggest the fastest and most optimal route according to the traffic and road conditions? Well, it is all the brilliance of the use of artificial intelligence in our day-to-day lives. ChatGPT and BARD have gotten every person to talk about AI, but what people do not usually know is that AI has been around us for years. Tech giants have been taking the help of artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to provide the best services to users. But that usage had been limited to a small scale. With the progress in technology, we are now looking at immense growth in the AI market.

According to one statistic, the AI market is going to multiply by twenty folds by the year 2023. It will be a two trillion dollar market and will be looked upon by the tech giants from now itself. So, a lot of people are trying to explore the domain of artificial intelligence and gain enough experience to be an expert in it.

You must have come here to learn more about AI and, more precisely, to know how to become an AI expert. Well, hold tight to your seat as we will go through the basics of AI, the technology involved, and how you can become an AI expert. You will learn about the prerequisites of being an AI expert and what important steps you will need to take to become a specialist in this domain. So let us start with the basics of artificial intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence, as chatGPT and BARD have hyped the whole world about them. You can see news about chatGPT even suggesting a medical procedure for complex cases. Well, even if most people have heard about artificial intelligence, they do not have a basic idea of what it stands for. So, let us first learn about what artificial intelligence is so that you can have an idea of what field you are going to get into.

In simple words, artificial intelligence stands for various algorithms and codes that can make a machine achieve human-like interpretation and reproduce its actions. It associates with any machine that can show human problem-solving skills and adapt according to the information that has been fed to it. The algorithm written for AI makes sure that the machine processes data that has been fed to it and produces the output that is most efficient for the users. Unlike normal machines, AI-enabled devices do not produce a similar result for a similar set of actions performed on them. They produce results based on the information fed to them and also the user that is operating the device.

This is why if you are using two profiles for your Netflix account and the people using them are completely different, they might get different shows suggested for writing similar initials. So, in technical terms, it can be said that artificial intelligence stands for developing a set of algorithms for a system that can reciprocate the intellectual process of a human mind.

What Does Being An AI Expert Mean?

You now have a basic idea of what AI means and what it is being used for. The whole purpose of being here is to understand how you can be an AI expert. But firstly, what does an AI expert do, and what is their role’s importance?

Well, an AI expert is a person who has a considerable amount of knowledge about artificial intelligence, deep learning mechanisms used to program AI, and also about developing various AI-based devices. The most important thing about an AI expert is that they are not just coders who would program an AI algorithm for you. They are people who are good at managing AI products, can do troubleshooting, and can also work as consultants on various AI projects. In short, an AI expert is a person who has complete theoretical knowledge about artificial intelligence and keeps working on various hands-on projects to gain experience.

Responsibilities of an AI Expert

1. The first responsibility of an AI expert is to create various AI models and teach the people working under them how these models work.

2. Since AI experts have complete knowledge of the domain, they have the responsibility to assess people below them. They find out the lack of employees and the plus points as well. According to them, they need to manage the team and the projects under them.

3. AI experts also have to foresee that there are proper training sessions ongoing for the whole team to understand the projects. In short, AI experts have to work on AI project management systems and training manuals as well.

4. Lastly, they have to check if the projects that are undertaken by the company are feasible or not. They have to evaluate a project and the cost that may be incurred in the creation of such algorithms.

Prerequisites of becoming An AI Expert

If you are determined to enter the domain of artificial intelligence, you will need to have a caliber for understanding the language of computers. The first thing to know is that even if we are typing English on a computer, it does not understand it the same way. The language of the computers is binary and gets converted into natural languages and vice versa. So, if you wish to work in the field of artificial intelligence, you will need to be good at binary conversions and understand what operators stand for.

So, the requirements for being an AI expert start with taking up computer science in your high school and understanding the basics of computer programming. You will then need to have a degree in computer programming so that you can work with computers in such a way that you can find solutions to various problems. You will need to learn the programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python, etc. Then there are other languages as well that are helpful in programming AI algorithms that you will need to get experience with.

The last prerequisite is to have at least the basic knowledge of what machine learning, natural language processing, and deep learning stand for. These are the methods through which normal computer operations are distinguished from AI operations. So, if you clear the checkpoints of all these prerequisites, you will have an easier path toward becoming an AI expert.

Certification for being an AI Expert

Since you know what AI is, what the requirements to be an AI expert are, and the role of an expert, you should now take the next step. If you wish to get into the field of AI, you will need to have a proper skill set, a resume, and a considerable amount of experience. The first step towards this is to get a proper AI certification. Universities that teach computer programming usually have specialization offers in AI and deep learning. If you are smart enough, choose your specialization while doing your undergraduate degree and select artificial intelligence as your field of interest. It will help you get your base strong and you will be far ahead in the race.

The Certified Artificial Intelligence (AI) Expert™ Interactive Live Training and certification by the Blockchain Council is a beginner-friendly program designed to introduce learners to the core concepts of AI, including Statistics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, and Reinforcement Learning. The program also covers regenerative AI like ChatGPT. As the demand for AI experts is increasing, this training can help individuals stand out in the job market and keep them updated on AI developments. Participants can validate their expertise with an exam and earn a globally recognized certification.

Skills Required to be an AI Expert

Basics, responsibilities, prerequisites, and certification are done. Now, there are a few more things left to know to be an AI expert. The next step is to get the skills required for being an AI expert and hone them. Tech giants will take you up only if you have a considerable amount of experience or have gotten an impressive skill set for them to use. Certain skills will help you get a long way in the field of artificial intelligence. Let us take a look at all the skills you will need to be an AI expert.

1. Problem-Solving: This is the primary requirement for being an AI expert. If you can comprehend and solve problems efficiently, you can be an AI expert. Since you can understand problems and give an optimal way to neutralize the issue, you can do the same procedure with AI algorithms as well. AI is all about giving the most efficient output, which is in line with your problem-solving skill set of yours.

2. Mathematical Skills: Another important step towards being an AI expert has good mathematical abilities. You will just need to know algebra, statistics, a little bit of calculus, and probability. These things will help you gain an advantage over others.

3. Data Technologies: Working with an AI means handling loads of data. Data technologies help in the storage and processing of a large amount of data. You will need to know technologies like Apache Spark, Cassandra, MongoDB, etc.

4. Algorithms and Frameworks: Now that you wish to be an AI expert, you will need to have knowledge of algorithms and how to design a framework. This means that you will also need to have skills like an AI architect to be an expert in the field.

Roles offered to an AI Expert

If you wish to be an AI expert, you should know what roles can be given to you based on your abilities. This shall help you pave your way in this field and get to the point that you wish for. The field of artificial intelligence is vast, and there are multiple applications of AI. This is why nearly every industry requires AI experts. The roles like AI specialist in game development, Expert in medical applications of AI, etc., are the roles that are being offered the most. One thing common amongst all of these roles is that you will have to process a lot of data and then design the algorithm that can help most optimally produce an output for the set of data.

The roles offered to an AI expert are highly paid and have various allowances as well. If you can become an AI expert, you will be getting a package of roughly around $150,000 per year. These are just the basic stats for such roles, and companies like Google and Microsoft are paying even higher for hiring good AI experts. The only requirement here is that you will need to have worked hard on your skills and have a good resume for the companies to apply to.

Where Can You Apply?

As the world is growing rapidly, nearly every industry is starting to rely on AI. If you wish to gain a considerable amount of experience and have a challenging job, you should apply to the tech companies that produce parent algorithms for other companies. You can apply to companies like Google, IBM, Meta, Microsoft, Baidu, OpenAI, etc. These companies have dedicated AI programs that research the development of various AI-based devices and different algorithms. So, if you have a good resume and the skill set required by these companies, the first choice should be amongst these companies only.


So, we have now touched upon all the points that you should keep in mind for being an AI expert. You should start with the basics of AI and then go up to the role of an AI expert and then apply for the jobs. After gaining considerable experience, you can even start your venture and produce AI algorithms for other companies. You only need to rely on your craving to learn more about AI and how you can optimally become an AI expert. Most of all, you should focus on getting your hands on as many projects as you can. It is okay if you get stuck in places, that will only help you grow. Make sure you are learning every single day, and you shall become an AI expert.

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