Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Influencers to Follow

Artificial intelligence is the technology of today. It is quickly progressing and slowly entering every field and every industry. Be it finance or merchandise, artificial intelligence now has an application in every area. This is what makes artificial intelligence training an important part of the technological era.

A lot of influencers have a major role to play in this era.  In this article, we will discuss some of these artificial intelligence influencers.

Top AI Influencers to Follow

1.     Spiros Margaris

Spiros is a globally recognized artificial intelligence, Insurtech, blockchain, and Fintech influencer. He is the advisor and vice chairman of Margaris Ventures. He has also recently joined the Wefox Group in the advisory board.

Currently, it is in trend to appoint an influencer as the advisory member of the company. This gives the required outreach, artificial intelligence training, as well as market intelligence.

2.     Elon Musk

Elon Musk is one of the most influential names in the list. You may have probably heard his name and it is likely that you already follow Musk on Twitter or LinkedIn. This is because Musk has founded The Boring Company, co-founded OpenAI, Founded SpaceX, and Co-founded Tesla and Neuralink.

He has more than 17 million followers on Twitter. In fact, Musk is the topic of debate on many occasions.

3.     Evan Kirstel

Evan is a technology influencer and also a B2B marketer. He is the co-founder and chief digital evangelist of the organization EviraHealthm. Evan actively assists giant tech leaders like AT&T to scale and receive mass outreach. He is helping these organizations to spread their functioning in areas like artificial intelligence, cloud, HealthTech, and 5G. Evan was also named as the fourth influential digital marketer by Brand24 in 2018.

4.     Geoffrey Hinton

Geoffrey Hinton is undoubtedly the godfather of artificial intelligence. He has helped Google excel in multiple artificial intelligence endeavors. Geoffrey’s work in a neural network is particularly worth noticing. He has additionally worked on deep learning, mixtures of experts, Boltzmann Machines, time-delay neural network, a product of experts, and Helmholtz Machines.

Geoffrey is working to create a learning procedure that can mimic or act like the human brain. This procedure would be able to solve complex problems as well.

5.     Kate Crawford

Kate has spent more than 10 years studying the impact of artificial intelligence, data systems, and machine learning. She is the co-director and co-founder of the New York University’s AI Now Institute. This institute is a research centre which allows students to study AI impact. Kate mostly focuses on how AI can impact our future decisions.

6.     Sarah Austin

Sarah Austin is one of the most loved personalities of America, so much so that she is often termed as America’s Tweetheart. She is the founder and CEO of Broad Listening. She has also founded Coding FTW, a non-profit company addressing the gender gap in the tech world.

Sarah is currently working on artificial emotional intelligence. Her first internet fame started with her show Party Crashers.

7. Ronald van Loon

Ronald Van is another widely loved influencer of all times. He assists data-driven organizations to extract value from their functioning. He consistently posts about AI on his YouTube as well as the Twitter account. If you are willing to learn AI and receive artificial intelligence training, Ronald can be your go-to person.

8. Mike Quindazzi

Mike is a well-known US Digital Alliance Sales Leader. Naturally, he has wide experience in the field of management consultancy. Due to this, he actively helps various clients receive a competitive advantage in the industry. If you are completing your AI certification and you are also interested in robotics, it would be great to follow Mike. He posts various videos and useful contents on Twitter on a regular basis.

9. Antonio Grasso

Antonio offers a wide range of content on digital transformation. He is a B2B tech influencer, digital transformation advisor, a speaker, and an author. You will regularly find him posting content in digital transformations such as Digital Tokens, Mobile DevOps, and AI marketing.

If you are willing to get a certification in artificial intelligence, Antonio’s Twitter page can help you gain additional insights into AI.  

10.  Michael Fisher

Michael is a great cybersecurity consultant and senior analyst at the Whitcraft Group. He regularly encourages his followers to read about various AI inventions and software-related inventions. This helps a lot of youngsters who are currently pursuing an AI certification course.


Artificial intelligence is the necessity of this technology age. Following these above influencers can help young generation individuals, who are completing artificial intelligence training, to gain some additional knowledge on the subject. So, if you are also pursuing a certification in artificial intelligence, open your Twitter and LinkedIn and follow these influencers and spokespersons of technology.




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