How Shutterstock Is Leveraging AR Technology To Enhance Customer Experience?

Shutterstock has recently launched its AR feature that empowers its users to visualize how images will look on certain walls. This helps users to make an informed purchase decision.

The company has added a View in Room option for pictures, which was created by their in-house mobile app development team. Currently, it is accessible to Apple smartphone users only.

Shutterstock has synced the features to the Apple mobile camera, using which you can position the wall in the frame and see how a picture or design will look on the wall. This is amazing as Shutterstock already has an image database containing around 250 million pictures and users can utilize all these for their wallpapers.

How to Use the Feature?

The app takes you one step closer to a great room, elegant aura, and breathtaking wall designs. To utilize the app so that you can grasp a look of designs on your walls, visit the app store and download the app on your Apple smartphone.

Once you have downloaded the app, which will, of course, take only a few minutes, just open it and select your designs. Today, almost every interior designer is using Shutterstock designs for in-house décor and artworks. You can search for such artworks and hit the View in Room button to see how it will go with your furniture, flooring, lighting, etc.

After you find your perfect design, just buy that design.


Shutterstock is like God’s Chapel for designers. There is no single designer who wouldn’t have thought of Shutterstock. Whether an interior designer or a graphic designer, everyone takes help from Shutterstock. Only this time, Shutterstock has made it a notch easier for interior designers.