5 Predictions About AI, VR, Big Data, Machine Learning In 2019

With Siri to help us make quick searches or Alexa to make our lives easier, we have all become so used to the technology that we can’t imagine living without it. Today, if somebody told an entrepreneur that he wouldn’t be able to analyze or predict data, he would probably not know how to continue.

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, big data, and machine learning has given us a medium to experience a world of technology that we wouldn’t have thought of even a decade ago. Surely, as we move into 2019, the expectations for these technologies are rising high. Hence, we have prepared a list of 5 advancements in AI, VR, big data, and machine learning that we may see this year.

5 Predictions About AI, VR, Big Data, And Machine Learning

1. AI Will Help Enhance Healthcare Services

Of course, we are still not hoping to be greeted by a robot Doctor whenever we walk into a hospital. But, AI will be seen in healthcare this year. A lot!

There are various ways such as processing images, spotting dangers immersed in medical images. Many other such small yet useful applications of artificial intelligence will be seen in healthcare this year.

One major application of AI in healthcare is the ability to access clinical records with ease.

Apart from these, many experts believe that AI will help us create virtual nurses and speed up the process of drug making. The virtual nurses will not perform any Doctor-related tasks but can monitor the condition of the patient for any duration without getting tired. On the other hand, drug making is a process that requires just too much time and money. With AI, previous drugs can be evaluated to see how these can be modified for a new illness or how new drugs can be made with precision.

2. Solving the Issue of Latency

Consider this situation:

You have some text or image in French but you don’t understand the language. You want your mobile device to convert this text into English in real-time. To achieve this, your device sends signals to the cloud which carries out the translation and then, it is sent back to your device. It is a full round-trip which contains latency.

The 5G networks are designed to remove this latency. Everyone knows that 5G will be a lot faster. However, its real application is that it can carry a huge density of traffic. This means that you can practically enable high-level internet communication of everything around you.

3. Eye-Tracking With VR

Everything that is placed directly in front of us is seen with great clarity. Outside this zone, everything is blurry. Whenever we observe something outside this circle, we look directly at it to see it with clarity. This is called eye-tracking.

Using eye-tracking, VR can enable foveated rendering, which will assist in delivering highly efficient visuals to the eyes. The VR system will use this information to directly bring the objects in front of your eyes to improve clarity and enhance the experience.

If VR systems are taught to figure out where your eye is pointing, they can deliver highly social interactions and improve the way we interact with virtual reality objects.

4. Advent of Quantum Computing

Every day more and more data is generated. However, there is no way to interpret and analyze this huge amount of data together for easier functioning. Only if there were a way to process this data in one go, things would become extremely hassle-free for businesses. They will be able to reduce processing time, make better decisions, and enhance results.

Right now, this is only possible through quantum computing. Currently, Microsoft, Google, and IBM are looking forward to creating supercomputers with large processing and data storing capabilities. Although we still believe that there are many years before we will actually see quantum computing in daily life, 2019 will still be the starting point in that direction.

5.  Increased Security With AI

AI enabled drones will reduce security concerns. Whether someone needs medicines on an emergency basis or evaluate the presence of danger in an area, drones will be able to improve the security structure.

There are various zones, places, and tasks that we are yet to control because of the lack of resources and many other aspects. With advanced drones to help us, it would be simpler to increase the chances of monitoring these secluded areas and carry out emergency tasks.


Technology places a lot of hurdles in our way, but it also solves most of them. While many believe that AI will take their jobs, it will create numerous more jobs too. With advancement in technology, there will always be growth. Hence, we believe, these technologies, AI, VR, big data, and machine learning, will inspire more inventions in 2019 than ever.

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