5 Ways Big Data Can Boost Restaurant Sales

Running a restaurant is as hard in itself as it can get and boosting sales adds to all the activities and tasks you need to handle. Luckily, big data can solve this problem by helping you boost the sales of your restaurant through actionable insights.

If you get into your POS system, it can alone give you a lot of information regarding purchase pattern, user behavior, and preferences. You can collect huge amounts of data from many other resources and use it for marketing efforts, promotion strategy, and even franchise management.

Let’s see some of the ways big data can enhance the sales of your restaurant business.

How Big Data Can Improve Your Sales?

1. New Growth Opportunities

Using big data analytics, you can evaluate and interpret data of various restaurant locations. This will help you cut back unnecessary activities and find new growth opportunities.

Further, using data insights with customer engagement strategy will enable you to feed the insights back to the funnel. This will assist you in getting more customers at a certain restaurant location. For instance, offering nearby users special discounts, free services, or membership coupons.

2. Promote Some Products

Although the data we collect is raw and too much, it can still be used to drill down to the minutest detail. For example, you can figure out the most preferred meal and use this to promote your brand. Offer discounts and special services whenever someone orders this menu item.

Many restaurants use the above strategy and pair the least popular item with the most popular to increase sales.

3. Enhance User Value

In the restaurant business, you need to engage every customer in a different manner. You simply can’t prepare a one-size-fits-all strategy here. However, without big data analytics, this is too hard to accomplish. Big data analytics can enable you to analyze customer behavior and give them customized offers accordingly.

You can figure out how frequently a customer has visited, how much time they have spent, and what food they have ordered.

You can offer VIP bonus or rewards to your premium or frequent customers because most restaurants achieve the highest benefits from these users only. Additionally, you can lure less-frequent customers with amazing, irresistible offers.

4. Increase Traffic

Sometimes the market is down and you won’t receive as much traffic as possible. For instance, very few people visit the restaurants on Monday.

You can interpret the quiet times of the month, week, or day through big data and utilize specific strategies to attract more users during this time.

5. Analyze Employee Performance

While the restaurant business may be all about the customer, keeping users happy can be only achieved with good staff. For that, you need big data analytics. You can evaluate the performance of your staff, design specific training programs in the area they lack and boost your user service.

You can use various performance indicators for staff performance evaluation such as whose customers are the happiest, are the users liking the food, or which cuisine is not being liked much. Having all this data at hand can enable restaurant owners to make some amends to ultimately drive 100% user satisfaction.


Big data can give you actionable information about your own business that is typically hard to predict. You can guess a few things, but with data, you know that some things are not going right. This, of course, gives you the power to correct errors and lead towards high customer satisfaction.

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