Big Data Engineer Salary: For Freshers & Experienced

Big Data is a universal term now because businesses have started valuing data-driven strategies for their goal completions. This has led to an increase in the demand for Big data engineers. Data Engineers provide the reliable architecture for data storage, delivery, and processing. It is one of the most excellent job roles with astonishing salaries. The salary depends on various factors. The field of Big Data is exceptionally lucrative, competitive, and of rapid growth. Data engineers are professionals with an interest in data, numbers, and technology.


In this blog, we look at the role and salary prospects of a Big Data Engineer worldwide. A wide range of factors such as location and demand determine the salary. More and more professionals are going for Big Data Certification because of the salary aspect.


Learning of the Blog


  • Who is a Big Data Engineer?
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Demand for Data Engineer
  • Salary Trends
  • Become a Big Data Engineer


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Who is a Big Data Engineer?


A professional who finds data trends and draws out algorithms based on raw data along with providing insights to the enterprise is a data engineer. Data engineers work as a team to develop and transform algorithms into prototype code. They are also responsible for organizing, maintaining, and extracting trends from large data sets. They possess a broad skill set ranging from SQL, Java to cloud platforms. Apart from this, the engineer is expected to have excellent communication and oratory skills. The job description of a data engineer includes data modeling, data management, and business metrics aggregation. The development of reports, dashboards, and professional business tools and providing technical solutions that improve data access and use are some day-to-day tasks along with analysis and aggregation.


Role and Responsibilities


According to the size and need of the organization, there are three roles of a data engineer:

  • Pipeline Centric: They are meant for middle-range companies. The data engineers have an in-depth knowledge of computer science and distributed systems. The team also includes Data Scientists for the utilization of collected data.


  • Generalist: These engineers are present in small companies, and they handle everything from analyzing to managing in the process.



  • Databased-Centric: Working in large corporations, the big data engineer focuses on analytics and manages data flow. 


The responsibilities vary for each organization. Some of the typical responsibilities of a data engineer are:


  • Developing processes for Data Set


  • Look for hidden data patterns.


  • Acquisition of Data


  • Alignment of business requirements and architecture


  • Data preparation for prescriptive and predictive modeling


  • Improving data quality, efficiency, and reliability


  • Construction, development, maintenance, and testing of architectures



Demand for Big Data


Data is acquired from various sources, and organizations require people who can analyze it for them and help in decision making. The industry works on Extract Transform Load pipeline, and data engineers are the one who maintains the complete process system. According to a study by Accenture, companies that are not embracing Big Data today can go extinct in the future, and 83% of enterprises are taking up Big Data projects for having a competitive edge. Organizations are converting this huge data storage challenge into an opportunity to find insights and gain advantages over contenders. The big data market is assumed to grow to 103 billion dollars by 2027 and bear a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 10.48%. Like the demand, the salaries are also surging because designing the data pipelines is challenging. According to Glassdoor, the number of Big Data Engineer jobs are 9,991 in the USA and 2,309 in the UK.


Salary Trends


Here, we look at the average salaries of Data Engineers in various countries. There is a significant difference in the pay scale of a fresher and experienced data engineer. The salary of a Big Data Engineer is majorly governed by:


  • Location: The average pay in Denver, Colorado, is $72,406, whereas it is $ 122,084 in San Jose, California. But, location is not the only variable.



  • Skill Set– Addition to skillset can add up to 15% to the salary. It is the most important and non-negotiable factor. An employee with knowledge of Data Quality is expected to receive $104,000, and R is $75,848. The specializations, such as big data Hadoop certification, add majorly to the annual salary.



  • Experience– It is an important parameter. The average salary of a fresher is $ 84,780, a mid-career engineer is $102,961, and that of experienced is $118,182.



The best recruiters of Big Data Engineers are Amazon, Hewlett- Packard, Facebook, and IBM, with average salaries ranging from 86,164 to 122,695 dollars. For most data engineers working at Facebook or Amazon is the ultimate goal. The generous compensation, growth, and excellent benefits are the reasons.


This table, defined by geography, would provide a better insight to the discussion.


ParameterAverage Salary
Data Engineer- IndiaRs 794,537
Senior Data Engineer- IndiaRs 1,599,695
Data Engineer- USA$90,839
Senior Data Engineer- USA$124,029
United Kingdom£43,725
Toronto, CanadaCA $80K
South AfricaR 591 868
Spain€ 34,468
Germany€ 60,632
New York$123,070
Los Angeles$118,122


Become a Big Data Engineer


A bachelor’s degree in Engineering, computer science, or related IT field, applied mathematics is necessary for a Big Data Engineer job. Aspiring candidates take up a data analytics certification to boost their chances of selection. There are several certifications online and otherwise. The easiest way to put you on the path of a successful career is enrolling for the best big data certification. You are recommended to up big data training, whether you are just starting or want a raise.