Steps to Become a Certified Big Data Professional


Professional certifications have found their way in almost every industry today. Certifications are a stamp of excellence as they help achieve the highest standards of education and credentialing in various fields. According to the study conducted by Microsoft titled ‘Certification Program Satisfaction Study,’ 91% of hiring managers consider certification as a hiring criterion. Constant learning provides you a knowledge base, which makes you an asset to your employer. Thanks to the current explosive growth in professional certifications, you can now stay ahead in the intense and highly competitive job market. Technical certification is one such phenomenon which is fast catching up with people worldwide enrolling in acclaimed certifications to gain profound knowledge in their respective fields of career or education.

What is big data?


Big data refers to data which is vast and voluminous and the analysis of which aids businesses in taking strategic decisions. Big data is a combination of three factors, namely volume, velocity, and variety. This data can be structured, unstructured, or semi-structured. Structured data refers to any data which can be stored, accessed, and processed in a fixed format. Unstructured data applies to any data in an unknown form such as video, images, and text files. Semi-structured data refers to a combination of structured and unstructured data.

Big data is produced every day by businesses and users. The process of examining these large sets of data to identify insights and patterns is known as big data analytics. Big data is complex and grows exponentially with time.


Who is a big data professional?


A big data professional is one who understands big data technologies and concepts and is proficient in critical areas of data such as analytics, models, and practices. A good data analyst converts data into information, information into insight, and an insight into a sound business decision. He is one who collects, analyzes, and organizes large data sets to discover useful information. He must be skilled in mining and auditing of data.


Role of big data in businesses


In today’s technology-driven world, big data has become an inevitable term. Organizations are driven to make decisions and hence, the growing need for big data skills. Big data is the ideal answer for analysis and usage of data in real time. Big data is not a buzz word anymore as it has hit the mainstream. Today, big data has emerged as the secret to the success of every company. It has allowed companies to stay updated with the changing dynamics. Big data, though still in its nascent stage, has provided 50% more revenue to companies which have integrated this concept into their businesses processes.

Big data helps save time by using tools such as HADOOP and cloud-based analytics as they help identify efficient ways of doing business. The use of high-speed tools such as Hadoop helps businesses make quick decisions. It helps develop new products based on the wants of customers. It helps to understand market conditions, thereby helping companies to get ahead of their competitors. It helps to monitor and enhance the online presence of businesses.


How to become a certified big data professional?


Are you looking for the ideal certification which would equip you for your career? Look no further as there is one such platform which envisions to impart state-of-the-art training in disruptive fields such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cyber Security, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, augmented reality, machine learning, virtual reality, and much more. Getting certified in each of these technologies offers tremendous opportunities for business houses and individuals alike. The training sessions provided by Global Tech Council are carefully designed to impart in-depth, hands-on knowledge. These certifications offer comprehensive modules which have been curated by like-minded data science experts.

Quality is one factor to which Global Tech Council gives utmost importance. It is this determination to deliver superior quality, which has transformed Global Tech into a world leader of technical certifications. These certifications are accepted across the globe.

There is one such premier data certification which is offered by Global Tech Council known as the Certified Big Data Expert.

Acknowledged experts in Big Data have designed the Certified Big Data Expert certification offered by Global Tech Council. It provides comprehensive hands-on knowledge about Big Data Analytics. It is an exam-based online certification which is self-paced and offers lifetime access to course content. It covers aspects such as the evolution of data, sources of big data, types of data, big data use cases, and features and architecture of HADOOP and HDFS, execution framework of Apache MapReduce, Apache Spark, Apache Pig, and Hive.

Enrolling in such a certification will provide you with the perfect competitive advantage over others, thereby making you industry-ready.

Apart from getting certified, some of the fundamental traits a big data professional must possess are:

  • Robust Information Technology (IT) background.
  • Skilled in information handling and programming.
  • Core quantitative skills such as numerical and statistical analysis to work with concepts such as neural networks and machine learning.
  • Working knowledge of basic tools such as SQL, R, and Microsoft Excel.
  • Adept in SPSS, SAS, MATLAB, Linux, Hadoop, HIVE, Python.
  • Domain expertise for effective communication with different stakeholders.
  • Interpretation of data. This requires ingenuity, curiosity, and creativity.


Irrespective of whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner, certifications have the potential to provide you the status of a high-valued commodity to your employer. Certifications are, no doubt, a respected and recognized industry credential. With organizations today facing an urgent requirement to collect and store large chunks of data, the demand for big data professionals will keep rising. There is a need for vast workforce training as big data helps enterprises create new growth opportunities. Get certified, land lucrative jobs, and transform yourself into that perfect employee which organizations need for managing and analyzing their data effectively.