Can You Learn Data Science Without Mathematics?

After reading job descriptions of data scientist’s job, do you feel a little left behind?

Do you often wonder if mathematics was the one subject that could have helped you enter an exciting field like data science?

Do you also want to become one of those important persons in the company who gives all the relevant information?

Many people struggle to find an answer for if they need to know extreme mathematics to learn data science. Honestly, you do need to have immense knowledge of mathematics if you want to enter the field of machine learning and deep learning. However, for normal data science analysis, you need to know only basic mathematics.

Here’s what the definition of data analysis says:

Data analysis is a field that uses systematic statistical or logical techniques to evaluate and analyze data. While the statistical part is often achieved with heavy mathematics, the logical part can be achieved even if you have less knowledge of math.

So, Do You Need to Know Mathematics?

When we talk about data science, our mind goes to how deep learning and machine learning analyst function. We think about it because everyone is talking about it and it is a field of technology that promises to solve a lot of issues. However, what 80% of data scientists do is extract information from a set of data to turn them into actionable insights.

And if you look at it logically, then most of the businesses need 99% analysis and only 1% machine learning. Hence, first, data analysis is not rocket science which requires extreme mathematical knowledge. Second, you can figure out data patterns, make graphs, and visualize data even when you are not a major in mathematics.

Interest in Data Science

However, we still believe that you need to have sufficient interest in the field to penetrate into the market without major math knowledge. You should be able to see patterns in data to analyze how numbers have changed over a year or month.

For instance, the simplest form can be to study a social media promotion and see what type of promotions attract most users. What type of users are these? What time these users are most active? And how additions to the promotions can enhance outreach?


So, next time you feel that you can’t learn data science because you don’t know high-level math, take a step back and analyze. Know that you can give it a start and if you are too interested in the field, you will eventually find a way to solve complex algorithms and statistical part of data science as well. Till then, you can work just fine and even increase productivity with the logical part of data science.


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