Exploring New Business Opportunities with Virtual Reality

In 2016 there were around 7 million VR headsets? Now, these are expected to grow to 37 million by 2020. Isn’t that great?

When virtual reality started surfacing the technical world, its niche application was in the gaming industry. However, today, VR has a broader application with more opportunities for businesses – be it retail or manufacturing. You can create risk-free simulations in a cost-effective manner and implement this technology to make your business more than extraordinary.

Defining Virtual Reality

In the simplest form, virtual reality is an experience of reality which is not real. It is a near reality, in which an individual may experience a reality-like, computer-generated, three-dimensional vision. This person becomes a part of the virtual reality, as it can be manipulated through a series of actions.

Why Virtual Reality

Through virtual reality, it is easier for business owners to let their users experience the product and give them an offer which can’t be refused.

Virtual reality is developing at a fast pace and you really don’t need to be a pro in this technology to build a business around it. Do what you know and do best and let virtual reality enhance user experience.

5 Business Opportunities With VR

Let’s immerse in the world of virtual reality and experience great opportunities that it brings. Here are 5 business options using virtual reality that can help you increase sales and offer 100% customer satisfaction.

1.     VR Cafe

Dig a little into your savings and buy cost-effective Google’s cardboard VR glasses. In your café, let your customers enjoy the savoring food and tailor-made VR experiences. Whether they want a stroll by the beach or a chilling walk in the snow, customize this experience.

During the evening time, let your customers tune in to a concert, experience the sound, and immerse in the 360-degree view of the whole concert.

When you have a consistent customer base, you can switch to better, more costly versions of virtual reality headsets for an enhanced experience.

2.     VR-Based Marketing

Today, all we see is a ton of marketing agencies. But, having a marketing agency with a twist is something not everyone thinks of. Open a marketing agency which specializes in VR campaign planning. Gather a team, some best people with appropriate technical knowledge, and let your innovative ideas make your clients happy.

This opportunity is perfect for people who think out-of-the-box. You can implement VR innovatively in every field today – be it travel, café, e-commerce, real-estate, government applications, or interior designing.

3.     Real Estate Agency

Real estate is one of the greatest opportunities for virtual reality. You can create 3D, 360-degree view of your real estate properties. Then, let your users experience their would-be homes even when they are sitting oceans away. In fact, you can collaborate with interior designers and enable a full view of how someone’s future home will look once fully furnished and ready.

No doubt, finding a perfect house is a hectic task. People can’t always match their timings with the timings of their broker and sometimes the location is too far away. At other times, while relocating to an entirely new city, VR can help people analyze the locality, property, and even the size of the rooms according to their requirements.

4.     Training With VR

Have you ever experienced an expected but hectic situation in your business? This happens all the times with the retail businesses and startups. They are often unable to cope up with increasing demands which leads to poor experience.

An amazing solution to this was found by Walmart. Using virtual reality, they trained their employees for black Friday sales and how to deal with huge crowd efficiently. This not only prepared the staff for the overwhelming situation but also helped them offer utmost service when the time came.

5.     VR Recruitment

How effective it would be to get your employees acquainted with the working through virtual reality?

You can help your potential employees experience what it is really like to work for you. This can encourage more candidates to apply as they will know if they want to work in such an environment.


This is not it. There are endless opportunities that virtual reality can create. You can make a dating app with VR experience or start a manufacturing unit to see how your prototypes will look. In construction, the application of VR is simply exquisite. You can actually know how a particular construction site will look once the work is completed.

Hence, drop off the mainstream methods and adopt VR technology, implement it in day-to-day life, and increase your growth options.