Chatbot Marketing: Future of Chatbot

There’s no doubt about the fact that user experience and customer satisfaction have transformed. Traditionally, user experience was always sidelined and customer satisfaction only meant offering a durable product. Today, we are far from this reality. Now, users are expecting the utmost experience and satisfaction. They wish to hear from you as soon as they drop you a mail or reach out to you. In fact, sometimes, users leave because of delayed responses.

In a driven environment like this, how can you catch up with the increasing demand for customer experience? It is through chatbots. Chatbot marketing is the future of marketing. Let’s see how.

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  • Basics of Chatbot
  • Why Chatbots Are Future of Marketing?

oImproved Experience

o   Improved CX

o   Better Product Recommendations

o   Automated Leads

o   Direct Feedback Cycle

  •     Conclusion

In this article, we have discussed how chatbots function and why chatbot experts believe it is the future of marketing.

Basics of Chatbot

While we utilize chatbots almost daily, there’s an air of confusion around this subject. Most of the users are not aware of the basic working of a chatbot. So, in this article, we will first outline how a chatbot works and explore its basic terminology. A chatbot is ideally a computer program, which is programmed (or trained) to assist humans in various tasks. This program automatically responds to user queries (to an extent) without human supervision.

Now, don’t you think this technology can aid your user experience? It surely can. There’s no doubt in that. However, you need to understand one difference here: AI-powered chatbots and scripted chatbots.

Both types are currently being used by multiple organizations. Earlier, only chatbot scripts were used to program a chatbot. This means that a script of responses was prepared and the chatbot was pre-programmed to answer with a specific content when the user asked a certain question. This was, and still is, a one-way conversation. This is because the chatbot is not interactive and the users can only ask a certain set of questions. Nevertheless, even after the drawbacks, this type of chatbot is still very important. This is because users are able to complete multiple tasks with it such as recovering passwords.

Another type, which is AI-powered, is trained with data to respond with the relevant answer. The chatbots studies user data all the time and analyses responses in real-time. This type of chatbot is extremely useful because it helps in improving customer care over time. Further, this type of chatbot delivers realistic two-way conversations, which automatically improve the delivery of customer service.

Let’s see how both types of chatbots can help in marketing.

Why Chatbots Are Future of Marketing?

Marketing is important for every organization to ensure customer satisfaction and customer experience. Here’s how chatbot experts think it revolutionizes marketing. 

1. Improved Experience

Needless to say, chatbots improve the experience. We already know that.
If you have a robust chatbot for your website, then it can improve the user experience. Whether your users need to know the phone number of the department for the right guidance or simply change their account address, a chatbot can help; even at an odd hour. There’s no human supervision needed in basic and many of the complex tasks.

Think about it, if you don’t have a chatbot, how will your users reach out if their contact person is unavailable?

It is too hard. Either the user needs to visit your office or call in multiple other people for a resolution. You can avoid this hassle by having a chatbot for dedicated support and reduced hassle (For users and your team).

2. Improved Customer Services

Many organizations have now implemented chatbots to improve services. Ideally, the customer care representatives need to guide the customer and help them with orientation. But, having a bot means that the basic orientation and guidance can be delivered at any hour by the bot.

For instance, if a customer reaches out to you at 12 AM in the night, the bot can help them select the right product. The bot will only ask for some data in the form of questions, after which it will be able to offer a list of products that the user might like.

3. Better Product Recommendations

When you are scrolling your Amazon account, you will always find the recommendation section, which keeps changing. Similar to this, every business can have a bot for recommendations. As discussed in the above example, the bot can ask a few questions and correctly recommend products to users. This can help the user find the right product without spending a lot of time searching.

The solution will be quick, which will improve user experience and service automatically. Don’t you think?

4. Direct Feedback Cycle

The best value that marketing and chatbot experts can extract from chatbots is direct feedback. There are various ways through which the chatbot can gather the feedback of users.

  •   Through surveys
  •   Through a series of questions
  •   Through emailers
  •    By judging user sentiment

All these things help in acquiring the feedback of the user, which can be then used to make improvisations in the service or solution for better marketing and outcome.


In this digital era, it is hard to ignore the importance of customer satisfaction and experience. Chatbots simply offer a medium to improve this experience without going through too much hassle. If you also wish to implement chatbots in your organization, complete a chatbots online course for improved knowledge and execution.


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