Examples of How Brands are Using Chatbots

An increasing number of companies use chatbots in many exciting ways-in facts; there are now over 300,000 active bots on Messenger by Facebook, according to chatbot experts.

For almost anything you can think of, you can order food, arrange flights, and get suggestions-and while we’re still in the early days; the latest figures, both in terms of bots available and use, all point to one thing. Adoption is rising.
Chatbots and virtual assistants are the future of marketing and customer service, whether you like it or not, and that means that they can also present new opportunities for your company.

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Why are Chatbots important?
Examples of Chatbots

Become a Certified Chatbot Developer and explore the power of chatbots. Let’s have a look at what a chatbot is and examples of a few brands that use bots with great impact.

Why are Chatbots Important?

Chatbot applications simplify people-service interactions and increase customer experience. At the same time, companies offer new opportunities for improving customer engagement and operational efficiency by reducing customer service typical costs. To succeed, both tasks should be effectively accomplished with a chatbot solution. Human support plays a central role here: regardless of the approach or the platform, the configuration, formation, and optimization of the chat-button system require human intervention.

Examples of Chatbots

Here is a list of the ten best examples of brands using chatbots.
Through chat (Facebook Messenger and Slack) or voice (Amazon Echo), you can request a ride from Lyft. The bot will let you know your driver’s current position and show you an image of the license plate and the model of the vehicle. You may simply use slash commands in Slack (e.g., /lyft home).


Spotify has been, for all generations, the go-to music website. It was made all the more common by the interactive services and suggestions based on the tastes of the listener.

With the support of Spotify’s Facebook messenger bot, which communicates with the user by asking a few questions to understand their music taste and recommending the song suggestions to cheer up their mood based on their responses.

This method of providing recommendations based on the listener’s moods via chatbots has helped Spotify create an effect that no other music application has ever dreamed of and has thus become the one-stop destination for all music lovers.


You can stream movie previews, find nearby theatres, and see what’s trending this week with Fandango’s Facebook Messenger Bot. Simply enter your city or ZIP code, and the chatbot shows you what’s going on nearby, where, and takes you to a ticket-buying page.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods, a supermarket chain, has come up with a chatbot service for anyone who looks for some healthy alternatives, another remarkable solution in the food industry.

Via Facebook messenger, it can be easily accessible where users can obtain healthy recipes based on their favorite cuisines. Based on your dietary requirements, this chatbot offers balanced as well as organic recipe recommendations and thus helps users overcome the everyday stress of deciding what to cook.


If you talk with Sephora on Kik, you can get all sorts of make-up tutorials. This personal assistant can also support you when you’re shopping in a store by offering product reviews and ratings.


The Facebook Messenger bot from Mastercard makes it easy for customers to check account purchases (for example, just ask, “how much did I spend in May on restaurants?”). With Mastercard, consumers including FreshDirect, Subway, and The Cheesecake Factory can now also purchase from Mastercard partners.


With its intelligent Simple Method, carried out in collaboration with IBM’s Watson, Staples aims to make it simpler for customer service. The Facebook Messenger bot from Staples will answer common customer queries, which appear to be about orders-monitoring and returns-and whether particular products are in stock.

The Wall Street Journal

Facebook Messenger makes it easy to keep on top of major news and stock quotes with the Wall Street Journal chatbot. You can also configure updates-simply type in some simple commands, and, along with the latest news posts, you can get company stats, key financial indicators, and live stock quotes.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut uses chatbots to take orders in the simplest way possible from its clients. Customers can now order pizzas from Facebook Messenger or Twitter with the help of Chatbots. Based on their recent choices and specifics of the new deals, these chatbots give customers several options to order their favorite pizza to force them to position their orders.
This Pizza Hut chatbot strategy has allowed customers to order delicious pizzas without calling or filling out a form. For many food lovers, this hassle-free way of ordering food in seconds has made Pizza Hut become the first choice.


A brand of coffee that we all love to have. But how many days do you wait or stop ordering your coffee because of the long queue at the order placement counter? If you are one, you have the perfect solution to similar problems as Starbucks!

Download the Starbucks app on your phone and place your order via the inbuilt chatbot application in the app via voice or text message. It is Starbucks’ new service, which is very useful in saving its customers precious time by reminding them of the exact time it will take to plan their order and the total amount it will cost.

This feature of the chatbot helped Starbucks strengthen their customer relationships and helped them increase their customer rate at a much faster rate than ever before.


So these are a few wonderful examples of how brands use Chatbots across industries by easing the way consumers connect and thereby reaching out like no other to a larger chunk of the audience. Now, it’s time for these excellent examples to inspire you and get a chatbot in your brand to redefine the marketing strategy and become the best on the market. Chatbot programming is gaining popularity; enroll for a chatbot online course today!