The 10 Most in Demand Cyber Security Jobs

Do you remember WannaCry? Or OnePlus’s security breach? Or Facebook’s security breach?

We remember it all. Don’t we?

Security breaches are hard to detect and even harder to get through. Once you have experienced an attack, your organization goes through a series of losses.

First, personally identified information and sensitive information, which may or may not be related to employees and customers, is compromised.

Second, a lot of resources and money are spent to recover from these breaches and keep the hackers at bay.

Third, customers’ trust is sabotaged. No one likes to know that their data is being compromised and wrongly utilized.

Looking at all these drawbacks of cybersecurity, it is no surprise that the demand for cybersecurity professionals is increasing by the day.

Here are the top 10 cybersecurity jobs that you should look out for:

  • A network penetration tester is a person who hacks into the system of the organization like a real hacker. He uses similar tricks and finds an entry point to understand the loopholes in the network.


  • A hacking forensic investigator analyses the method of attack in a system. This person checks how it was carried out to prevent these types of attacks in the future. This type of job role is common in government departments and agencies.


  • An application penetration tester is similar to a network tester, the only difference is that this person tries to hack web-based apps of the network. It is carried out to find out entry points of the applications.


  • A security operations analyst is a professional who regularly monitors the security structure of the business. This job role is really important for the business because every attack on the system is detected by this person.


  • A security architect professional is responsible for designing the network to avoid security threats. This person needs to know different intricate aspects of the network.


  • A cybersecurity engineer is responsible for designing the security system of the organization. These individuals are expected to utilize their engineering knowledge for improving the security of the business.


  • A cybersecurity consultant is usually a third-party person who consults the business on various security methods. This is an outsider who thoroughly analysis the structure of the network and then suggest methods to ensure security.


  • A network security engineer ensures that the network security of the business is in place. It helps in avoiding threats. This person monitors routers, VPNs, firewalls, switches, etc.


  • A cybersecurity manager is a professional who takes the responsibility of managing security protocols of the business. This person creates strategies related to different projects to maintain high internet and network security.


  • A chief information security officer is one of the most important positions of the business. This person works in collaboration with other employees to develop processes that are not susceptible to security breaches. A CISO further ensures that the security structure is in-line with the requirements of the business.


Although any cybersecurity professional with deep knowledge of the industry can assume different cybersecurity job roles, it is suggested to select a dedicated field and improve your knowledge in that field. All the above job roles are currently in demand, choose the one that you like, increase your knowledge, and grab a high-paying job.


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