Top 5 most common Causes of Data Breaches

Think about this:

You have customer data of 1000 users. Very less for now, right? Hence, you have not placed a security structure on this database. Of course, usual data security tasks are being carried out but extended data security is missing.

A hacker found out that your 1000 customer data units also contain credit card data of 350 customers saved in the system.

Now, what?

Can you sense the disaster already?

We think you can.

Most of this data was stolen and your customer faced money theft. Not so good for your reputation.

Do you wish to you avoid this scenario?

If so, then read on. We have explained the top 5 causes of data breaches. Knowing these causes can help you in mitigating these risks.

5 Reasons for Data Breaches

1.     Human Errors

Many times, a data breach is invoked by human errors.

Whenever you send sensitive data to the wrong person.

Or whenever you use a corrupted pen drive in the system.

Or whenever you don’t utilize strong passwords.

Or whenever you share this password with a third-party.

It is not uncommon for employees of the organization to lose sensitive data in any of the above methods. The major issue occurs when you end up revealing this information to the wrong person. For example, sharing the password of the account with a co-worker loudly, which results in a third person hearing it. Inviting data breach? We think so!

2.     Internal Misuse

While human errors are unknown errors that are made without intention, internal misuse is intentional.

You can still reduce human errors by educating your employees and training them to secure the company’s sensitive data. But, there is no way of stopping internal misuse. There is so much data in an organization and you need to share this data with your employees. When employees decide to misuse this data, all you can do is file a lawsuit based on the contract signed. However, this is not a remedy or prevention. The data has already misused, right?

3.     Physical Theft

Data breaches also happen due to physical theft and negligence of the employee.

For example, an employee allowing an unauthorized person to enter the office premises. Not really harmful all the times. But, even if you encounter one such case, your data is gone.

Another way is using unattended pen drive in the system which triggers a domino effect and infects all the related system.

One of the most common ways of physical theft is the stealing of laptops, computers, and other systems that have data. The scope of retrieving this information is poor. In fact, it is not even possible to prevent the damage in most of the cases.

4.     Criminal Hacking

Criminal hacking is the most common way data breaches happen. This is usually associated with coding but it also includes stolen credentials.

Criminals get hold of your system either through the password they find written somewhere or through coding.

These attacks can be stopped more easily when the hacker doesn’t have exact credentials.

Further, stopping these attacks require a proper structure and a full team to take care of the IT system, its patches, and loopholes.

5.     Malware

Malware is also a common data beach. This type of attack happens when the hacker leaves malware in the system and then uses it to scan the data files, important documents, and other sensitive data.

Another inventive method currently being used for malware attack is keyboard tracking. Usually helps in finding the password or credentials.


Although there are more data breaches that happen regularly, these are the most common ones. If you somehow manage to take care of these data breaches, you can resolve half of the issues. In fact, you can create a security structure which is less susceptible to data breaches and cyber threats. However, remember that this stage can only be achieved with the right IT team and proper employee guidance.

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