Top Paying Cyber Security Jobs in 2021

As the world is growing digitally, cyberattacks have now become a common scenario. Due to an alarming increase in cyber threats, there is a great demand for cyber security professional.

In case you don’t know much about Cyber security, it is basically a complete system designed to protect networks, information, devices, and programs against cyber attacks. It protects the systems against unauthorized exploitation of data and reduces the risk of cyberattacks.

If you have the proper knowledge of cyber security and are looking for a career in cyber security, then this article is just for you. Here is a list of some of the highest paying cyber security jobs:


Cyber security analyst plays an important role in protecting the hardware, software,e and all the organization’s sensitive information for which they are working.

Basically, a cyber security analyst monitors the company’s IT infrastructure and evaluates the cyber threats that could exploit its sensitive information. Security analyst continuously works to enhance the company network security against any cyber attack.

A cyber security analyst can make up to $ 103,590 on average.


Cyber security managers work to provide a smooth-running company’s security-related operations. The main role of a cyber security manager is to supervise the work of cyber security analysts and administrators. Not many people know this but Cyber security managers play a vital role in managing the company’s cyber security systems, and they can earn up to $ 113,000 per annum.


Cyber security engineers design the security network to protect sensitive and confidential information against hackers and other cyber threats. Do you also know they even evaluate the need for a cyber security network according to the organization’s data? Now you do. It’s also fascinating that the average income of a cyber security engineer is $ 74K per annum.


The job of a cyber security architect is to maintain the functioning of security systems within an organization. But, that’s not all the cyber security architect is also the in-charge of his complete department, and controls it single-handedly.

Furthermore, the primary security engineer’s role as a cyber security architect is to research, plan, and implement reliable security systems for its IT department. The average salary of a security architect can be up to $ 122,634 per annum. It can vary according to the organization and job location.


The chief information security officer is responsible for maintaining a proper strategy to ensure the accurate and adequate protection of the company’s network and sensitive information. These cyber security professionals work to develop the information security policies of an organization.

In case you didn’t know before, the chief information security officer is a senior-level executive who can make up to $ 250,000 per annum on average.


With that much experience and demand, hiring a cyber security officer can leave a dent in an emerging company. Due to this, some companies decide not to hire cyber security professionals on a salary basis. Instead, they choose to hire a cyber security consultant to test whether the cyber security measures of the organization are working properly as per the company’s requirements.

Furthermore, these professionals are responsible for designing and implementing better defense systems against cyber threats. They use their skills, knowledge, and experience to help their clients implement better security measures to protect their network and sensitive information.

A cyber security consultant can earn an average of $ 85,427 per annum.


Nowadays, many organizations are adopting cyber security measures to maintain the security of their IT department and other sensitive information. There’s an increased demand for trained professionals for the cyber security departments of different organizations. Recruiters are looking for focused candidates with the right skill set to manage the cyber security challenges.