What Is the Salary of a Cybersecurity Expert in The US?

Not a single data passes by when we don’t hear about a data breach in the news. Every day some of the other organization is facing consequences of cybersecurity loopholes. Many others are trying to avoid the mistakes that other industry leaders made.

In an attempt to achieve this, almost every organization is now hiring a cybersecurity expert. This also means that cybersecurity professionals are currently in high demand. Hence, the expected salary of a professional in this field is considerably high from other engineers.

Let’s see how cybersecurity impacts organizations and what are the future career prospects of this job role.

What is Cybersecurity?

Did you know that a security breach can cost you up to USD 3.29 million? How can you secure yourself from this damage?

With cybersecurity!

Cybersecurity is a practice that helps organizations secure their networks and digital data from cyberattacks. Most of the cyberattacks happen to steal information that an organization saves digitally. For example, the credit card details of customers can be stolen.

To save this information, cybersecurity principles are utilized.

Simply put, cybersecurity is about three things:

  • People who are accessing data online or processing this data should comply with rules. In fact, people who are giving away their data should also be careful. However, it is the responsibility of the organization to spread this awareness in the users.


  • The framework of the organization also contributes to cybersecurity. Hence, every organizational strategy should be planned to streamline processes that reduce risks in the organization.


  • Lastly, technology plays a major role. Everything about data is also about technology. Thus, the type of technology you are using and how you are managing it define your security.


Career Options in Cybersecurity

Did you know that there is cybersecurity attach every 39 seconds?Can you guess the odds? A lot of organizations are directly a target of these cyber hackers. To save their data and customers’ data, these organizations need cybersecurity professionals. As a result, this profession or job role is currently in demand.

Salary of a Cybersecurity Expert in the US

On average, an information security professional is paid USD 125,000-USD 215,000. As the price that organizations pay for security breaches is increasing, so is the salary of cybersecurity professionals. Many believe that security breaches only lead to reputational risks or reduce customer base. In reality, companies have to pay fines and penalties due to these breaches.

GDPR is the biggest example of the fines imposed on organizations due to security breaches. Looking at the situation, the salary and job roles of cybersecurity professionals are only expected to increase.


If you are planning to enter this field, then don’t doubt your decision. Due to high demand, salary is never an issue. You just need to know what you are doing and you should have full knowledge of trending cyberattacks. If you have the right skills, then no one can stop you from succeeding in this career.