A Career in Data Science – The Future is Bright

Data scientists are encountering some of the best job choices, based on the average salary and the number of available opportunities. Companies have been exploring a new asset with the emergence of big data, which can help them experience tremendous growth when appropriately leveraged. You may already know that nearly all the giant tech companies, including Google, Facebook, and Amazon, have leveraged data to create their business platforms. This explains perfectly the need for a different set of data science experts who can organize, analyze, and derive valuable insights from the data.


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Let us look at the skills required to become an efficient data scientist as well as see the future aspects of Data Science if you wish to make a career in this field.


Skills Required to Become a Data Scientist

Data scientists typically have a strong understanding of software development, database systems, predictive analytics, and statistics. This makes the role that needs the skills of both a statistician and a computer scientist somewhat different, and that’s the main reason that data scientists are experiencing high demand.

In its purest form, data science revolves around gathering, storing, and analyzing vast amounts of data. Data scientists use many advanced tools and technologies to help them to a reasonable extent in carrying out their activities throughout the entire process. For example, advanced solutions such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, powerful analytics tools, etc. enable them to process and understand enormous data volumes at unprecedented speeds. Data scientists are also responsible for translating insights into the organization for other people, including stakeholders and senior executives, in short, decision-makers.


Future of Data Science

Most of us walked through some articles portraying that the data science field is already saturated. While it’s a fact that there are a massive number of data scientists working in the field and many aspirants are waiting to join the league, but that won’t affect the promising future of data scientists anyway. Notwithstanding all those noises, there are no real reasons to believe that skilled data scientists will have a shortage of jobs. The very arguments used to make these statements are the reasons for not worrying at all. Let’s take a look at the reasons the data scientists’ future seems bright.


  • An Exponential Growing Volume of Data

A considerable amount of data is generated regularly by both corporations and ordinary people. A recent study reveals that by 2025 the number of consumers interacting with the daily data will be a whopping 6 billion. Furthermore, the total amount of data in the world was 33 zettabytes in 2018, and this is now projected to become 133 zettabytes by 2025. As the world becomes ever more connected through the increasing use of connected devices, data generation will rise. And data scientists will be central to helping enterprises effectively leverage that data.


  • Increased Commoditization

It is now evident that a significant number of tasks performed by data scientists are becoming increasingly commoditized. The result is that a well-rounded data scientist can now solve in a much shorter time frame what a whole time a decade ago couldn’t solve in several months. It means hiring a well-rounded data scientist has become viable for a considerable number of domains for which the idea was previously too complicated or too expensive. Tools and technologies will continue to appear and disappear, but they will aim to increase data scientists’ productivity and their net value to a business.


  • The Field Continues to Evolve

At some point in time, any field without growth potential becomes stagnant. It also indicates that to remain relevant, the jobs within those fields need to change, but that is not the case with the data scientist job. Since there is no indication of slowing down with a significant number of opportunities gearing up to appear, it is probably the best time for people looking to start preparing for becoming a data science developer. Of course, there will be some likely minor changes like someone working in a data scientist’s position in an organization may not be doing the same thing at another company. In a way, aspiring data scientists will be helpful, as they will focus on learning more specialized skills and doing what is most meaningful for them.


  • The Evolution of Data Privacy Regulations

The implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation increased the organization’s need for data scientists due to the need for responsible data storage. A critical aspect of the GDPR is that it allows consumers to ask companies to delete certain data kinds. People have become increasingly aware of their privacy and security online these days, and they consider various aspects of giving away their personal information before they do so. The GDPR is probably just the beginning with a few more privacy rules related to consumer data waiting to be implemented. Data scientists are the best people in this scenario who can guide businesses on adhering to those regulations while leveraging that data’s power.


  • The Task of Taking Advantage of Data Power is Complicated

 Companies may have the opportunity to capture a massive volume of data from different sources regarding website interactions, customer transactions, etc. But what if they can’t store, analyze, and derive insights from that data? The data is simply of no use. And that is precisely where data scientists get into the picture. Equipped with enormous skillsets, these trained professionals can only help the companies gain a competitive edge and achieve their business goals.



While the above points show the key factors that will be instrumental in shedding light on data scientists’ future, aspiring data scientists also need to focus on a few crucial things. First of all, there is no gainsaying that the industry now has a steady supply of average data scientists. They can certainly perform at a reasonable level but may not be able to achieve an exceptional mark. And to become a top-notch data scientist, you have to prepare yourself in the best possible way. Secondly, the industry will become competitive in the future, so it is better to start your data science training and enroll in a data science certification to rise above the competition.