All You Need to Know About Facebook Data Science Interview

Are you looking for jobs in data science and that too for Facebook? The article will illustrate what all to prepare and how to prepare for Facebook data science interview.

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As the world is full of technical enthusiasts, giving interviews for a technical job is one of the most challenging tasks. When it comes to leading companies like Facebook, it is even harder. To crack an interview, preparation is all you need to end up landing to your dream job.


With so much stiff competition, in-depth practical knowledge of data science is all you need to prove yourself and to stand out from the crowd.

Before understanding what all skills you need to build and how to prepare yourself, let’s have a quick recap of what is data science.


It is a field that encompasses data analysis, predictive analytics, BI, and much more, with the primary purpose of generating useful insights that are advantageous for organizations and industries.

Data Science Developer works closely with data; the certified individual knows how to extract and interpret data. If you are looking for the right data science certification course that suits your requirements, check out Global Tech Council. 


Skills required for the Facebook Data Science Interview


Technical interviews tend to have the same general pattern, right from asking to introduce yourself to talking about your experience, followed by technical questions to know the competencies of an individual. Depending on which type of data scientist role you are applying for, questions will be asked, so if you are all set for an interview with the Facebook team, here is the list of required skills that will help you.


Programming Skills 


If you are wondering from where to start preparing for the role of data scientist, coding is all you need to learn and practise. Having expertise in any one of the programming languages can help you in a long way. I would recommend having hands-on experience in R or Python as these coding languages are in high demand. With these, you can manipulate the data and apply specific algorithms to draw meaningful insights.

In-depth knowledge of SQL 


For a data scientist role, it is crucial to have a profound understanding of relational databases for writing queries and sub-queries. One should have a prior understanding of using the right clauses at the right places, along with the knowledge of SQL operators. One should be able to store and retrieve information from the relational database as this will make it easier for you to pass the interview.

Key Concepts of Probability Theory


To pass the technical portion of the interview, it is crucial to have an understanding of the basic concepts of probability and statistics like a central limit theorem, independence of events, and more. You may be asked to build practical intuitions for the theories of probability or to evaluate the outputs of probabilistic models. The concepts of statistics will help you make better business decisions from data.


Knowledge of Big Data


As Facebook stores an enormous amount of user data, it is crucial to learn the concept of big data if you are planning to sit for a Facebook Interview. Currently, the platform of Facebook is using big data to manage trillions of user data. As a Data Scientist, it is vital to have a grasp about frameworks that can process Big Data, ‘Hadoop’, and ‘Spark’ being the two major ones.


Machine Learning Algorithms


Excellent hands-on knowledge of various machine learning algorithms like supervised and unsupervised algorithms is a significant add-on skill. To solve complex problems based on predictions and to handle large sets of data on Facebook, it is crucial to understand machine learning algorithms.

Such skills will help you in data analysis, processing, visualizing, and modelling in data science projects.


Apart from these technical skills, a mixup of communication skills and practical experience will help you pass the examination of Facebook.


From Where to Learn?


If you want to land a job offer from Facebook, you need to prove yourself exceptional. Along with developing those five skills (mentioned above), getting certified from the top platforms will be a major advantage. There is an extraordinary impact of certifications on the lives and careers of thousands of respondents across the globe as certified professionals have more chance of getting jobs.


Global Tech Council is one of the prestigious platforms that offer certification courses and training sessions to make you a certified data science developer. Righ from ML certification to Artificial Intelligence training, it imparts in-depth practical knowledge, providing excellent employment opportunities.




There are no sure-shot solutions to pass the Facebook interview as questions are never the same. Still, one thing that is for sure is questions keep revolving around SQL, probability & statistics, and machine learning. With the right preparation and right certification courses, you can be a happy employee of the Facebook team.


If you want to become a Data Science developer, Check out more at Global Tech Council and enrol in the best online certification courses now.