Crucial Data Science Principles: Every Industry Must Know

For data scientists, it is essential to know which industries or markets will give the best opportunity to build a successful career, and for sectors, it is equally necessary to see the data science principles that could prove to be helpful to them.


Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry


Health care is a very fragile segment. Individual pieces of data can have great importance, but many organizations fail to aggregate data adequately to gain insights into broader care processes. Reaching conclusions and finalizing decisions based on data and leveraging the medical knowledge effectively to improve safety and quality is impossible without a thorough data science strategy.

The amount of data that a human body produces daily is around two terabytes. Even data like blood glucose, sleep pattern, brain activity, and stress levels can be monitored to prevent various health problems. Data science is also used for improving diagnostic accuracy and efficiency.

Such a rich data set is nothing but a part of data science and is undoubtedly helping the pharmaceutical research and development segment. A few of the promising jobs in the healthcare sector for data scientists are Econometric, Biomedical, and Health Data Scientist.


Data Science in Telecommunications


With data, storage expenses dropped massively, and enhanced computer processing power with low-cost analytics software and tools, data analysts jobs have become more comfortable in the telecom sector. Data from customer behaviors such as voice, SMS and data usage patterns, video choices, customer care history, social media activity, previous purchase patterns, website visits, its duration, browsing and search patterns and customer demographics such as age, address or geographic location, gender, and types of devices used, lets telecom enterprises to render personalized services or products on the time of purchasing process.

Internet Industry

Technology, Big Data, and Cloud Computing have helped in the generation of huge and complicated data sets. As ch data sets evolving continuously, data science in the internet industry is playing scientists are combining tremendous hosts of data sets to create personalized recommendations, smarter sentiment analysis, full market basket and video analysis, and geo-targeted marketing. Social Networks, e-commerce, and internet industry is probably the most substantial sector to take advantage of data science and analytics in 2018, with 3.8 billion internet users in 2017 and every minute 840 new users joining social media, 46,740 pictures added every minute in Instagram, and 3,607,080 Google searches conducted worldwide every minute.


Energy Sector


Big data and data science are transforming the energy vertical by providing crucial insights for cost reductions in down markets. It also aids in stopping accidents and plan for better maintenance and repairs. Such use of big data science and analytics is expected to grow in the energy industry in 2018.


Data Science in the Automotive Industry


Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Machine Learning are the crucial technologies that process products with automatic learning and aid in the optimization to be used in the future automotive industry.

Various Industries are utilising data science for optimising processes and making better should be well aware of the prospects data analytics holds for them.

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