Python Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners [2020]

Is cramming syntax boring for you? Are you losing the motivation to continue learning? Learning Python can be a bit of a challenging task since books and videos only help you to some extent. There’s no better way to sharpen a skill than to challenge yourself to get better by building projects continually.

Whether you are a Python expert  or a beginner, it’s time to test your expertise and start fine-tuning your programming experience with the help of these Python Project Ideas that we’ve put together.


Before you start working your mind on a Python Project, make sure of the following things:

  1. Identify your most persuasive abilities as a Python programmer
  2. Think about your goals
  3. Find a topic that interests you
  4. Start with baby steps

Finally, look at our list of python beginner project topics, which will help you find something that intrigues you and lures you to dig deeper.


Various Python Project Ideas

We have included a list of some interesting Python projects which everyone should get their hands on.



  • Password Generator


Write a program that creates a random password for the user. The password should generate a mixture of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, alphabets, and alphanumeric characters. Define the minimum length of the password to be 8 characters assuring security to the user.


  • Contact Book

This is a command-line project where you build a contact book program that users can use to save and find contact information. It should also allow users to edit contact information, remove contacts, and a list of saved contacts. Additionally, to increase complexity, you can add a backup feature or attach a text box.


  • YouTube Video Downloader

Billions of people watch YouTube daily. While surfing, there are videos we like to download permanently on our device. As of now, YouTube doesn’t provide us with that option, but you can create a program with an easy user interface that can download YouTube videos in various formats such as mp3, mp4, and video qualities.



  • Calculator


Calculators available to us on our devices look very mundane. Even though a calculator is not supposed to do many jobs, one can still play around with the user interface or features and turn a simple calculator into a scientific calculator. Add cool features like storing in previous calculations for references.



  • Games


Simple text-based games like Tic Tac Toe, Rock paper, and scissor can be made using Python. Both are two-player games. Rules and conditions can be defined according to personal preference. Lately, shooting games have been on the rise as well. A game that polishes target shooting can also be made. Nokia’s popular snake game was created with the use of Python. A simpler version of it can be tried too.



  • Speed Typing Test


Make a simple program that tests out typing speed. Model out a fun typing test that shows results about the user speed, accuracy, and words per minute. You can also provide practice tests where users can fasten their typing skills.



  • Plagiarism Checker


Writing content is one of the most sought online businesses. There is a scarcity of free online plagiarism checkers in the market. With the use of a natural language processing library and Google, search API creates your plagiarism detector that detects plagiarism by comparing it from almost all pages available on the web.



  • Countdown Clock and Timer 


Build an application of a countdown timer in which a timer can be set, and then when the given time has timed out, the application will notify the user that the time has ended. It’s a vital utility tool for day to day work.



  • Instagram Photo Downloader


Instagram doesn’t provide the feature of downloading images or videos you may come across while surfing.

While there are still a lot of images and video downloaders for Instagram, this Instagram photo downloader project can be modified by adding a feature enabling the download of photos or videos from a private account.



  • Horoscope 


Try creating a simple horoscope program that asks for a questionnaire from the user about their zodiac, moon-sign or a birth chart and send them fun horoscope results based on pre-fed data and hat better use of Python, which is mostly used to make smarter predictions, than non-scientific predictions of your daily fate.



  • Chatbot


Build a Chatbot which carries out conversations via auditory or textual methodology.


  • Image Caption Generator

With the presence of social media globally and emerging participation in posting photographs on anything and everything on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, one often finds you stuck in the confusion of what to put a caption to my photograph. An image caption generator program can detect the theme or the content of the photograph and likewise come up with suggestions to be used as captions.



  • Online College Admission Management System


Offline admission of thousands of students at once in universities is a difficult challenge to execute. A small scale program can be structured in a way that it reduces the offline hassle by conducting the process online. Students can register themselves and get automatically notified about cut-offs or what courses they are eligible for and other admission processes.



Statistics suggest that a project-based learning approach boosts confidence, motivation, efficiency, portfolio, problem-solving skills, and mastery of programming concepts. So, increase your chances of succeeding from a beginner to a Python expert by trying out these project ideas and make instant progress. It’s proven that Project-based learning philosophy followed by a lot of Python training courses and Python certification programs works all the time.