Python: The Most Preferred Language For Data Sciences And Machine Learning

As data has become the part and parcel of many of the business decisions, the popularity of Python language has increased. Python is utilized to analyze data, grasp valuable insights, and utilize this information for enhanced decision making.

However, it is natural to question that Python is not the only language that allows visualization and reporting of data. We can use R, Java, C, and C++ too. While that is true, Python gives your career an edge, especially if you are a fresher.

Here’ why:

Every data scientist needs to perform statistical tasks to decipher the story data is trying to tell. This is easily achieved with Python if you have a clear knowledge of the language. This full-fledged language has several packages such as Matplotlib, NunPy, and Pandas which make data exploration and statistical analysis a notch easier.

Let’s explore more reasons why Python is the most preferred language for data science and machine learning.

Why Python?

  • When compared to other languages such as R and Java, learning Python is easier. The learning curve is shorter and you can understand the important aspects of the language and syntax in a small time.


  • Python is highly scalable and efficient. Take Youtube’s example. They moved to Python looking at the language’s flexibility in migration. This language offers quick application development related to different industries without much hassle. Further, Python is faster when compared to languages like Stata and Matlab.


  • The libraries of Python are one of the top reasons for using this language. From Pandas to NumPy, every library of Python improves the efficiency of development. This is not it. Libraries of Python are constantly increasing.


  • Python has a robust community which is extremely beneficial for students as they can quickly find solutions to their problems. This community further helps in staying updated with language and market trends.


  • Python provides several options for visualization with Seaborn, ggplot, and pandas plotting. These packages help with data visualization through charts, graphical presentation, and interactive plots.



Machine learning and data science are often utilized to achieve maximum value of data. Python helps in mathematical representations, statistical analysis, optimizations, and probability. All of these factors of Python complement both machine learning and data science. Hence, if you are an aspiring data scientist or machine learning enthusiast, start with Python. Of course, you can learn other languages for specific, dedicated usage. But, Python should be your first step.


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