Reasons Why Non-Tech Students Are Seeking Data Science Jobs

Data Science is a new age job. However, this is a relevant field with the increasing demand for automation and new emerging technology in every possible area.

Nowadays, all businesses are using new technology to grow their business, like chatbots or AR technology. Moreover, many applications are being made for efficient and remote work, health care systems, research, and other fields using technology for better performance. And all these fields need the help of data science to work with their required data properly.

The number of jobs for data scientists is growing unexpectedly. As a result, there is considerable demand and shortage of skilled data scientists. Experts predict that 11 million jobs will be available in this field by the end of 2026.

There are many courses available to learn data science in both online and offline mode. Not only technical students but non-technical students are also pursuing the data science course. There are some specific reasons for non-technical students to take up data science courses, a core technical field.

Job loss in many fields due to AI, AR, and robotics:

There is a job explosion in data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and technical areas. There is a cut-throat competition to stay in the non-technical job fields. Technology makes the work easy and efficient but with the cost of many job losses. These job losses will be increasing shortly because of technology. And this is inevitable. So everyone is looking for better alternatives, and data science is a better alternative than a futuristic job field.

Mathematics and statistics in Data science:

To become a good data scientist, a person needs to have a piece of proper knowledge of mathematics, statistics, algorithms, and programming language. The multiple uses of mathematics and statistics allow non-technical students, who are pretty good at these subjects, to pursue data science and have a career in this field.

Use of python:

Python is one of the main programming languages for data science. This language is easy to use, and anyone can learn this programming language real fast. This coding language is like English, making it ideal for all beginners. A nontechnical student who wants to be in the data science field can quickly learn to code using python without prior knowledge of coding.

Futuristic job profile, high demand, and high pay scale in data science job:

Data science is a required field for this era. Its demands will continue to grow shortly. These are only some of the reasons why job seekers are attracted to this segment. What’s more, there are many vacancies in the data scientist field. So a good and skilled data scientist can quickly get a good and high-paying job in no time.

We live at times where robots are replacing humans at jobs, so humans have to develop more skill-based jobs that are yet to be mastered by automation. Similarly, organizations are ready with vacancies for data scientists, and it’s just that people need to be skilled enough to get the job. Likewise, non-technical students can also quickly get a job if they are competent enough with the required skills.