Top 10 Companies Making Innovative Use Of Data Science

Today companies have realized the potential of data science due to its immense potential. Here are the top 10 companies that have used data science innovatively.


SAP: Data is essential for companies to make better decisions regarding products and services, and much more. Research indicates that we are only using 1 percent of the data effectively.

Google: Google is continuing to take essential steps to make in the way of natural language; processing and sentiment analysis. Many believe Natural Language Processing will shake up the entire service industry in the way we have never imagined. Many services could be provided without humans – fast food lines, loan processors, job recruiters. A chatbot will hugely impact the workforce, but we are expecting that companies are going to be upskilling their workforces. Keeping the quality in mind, Google has planned to shut down its chatbot app – Allo and planning to launch something huge.


Salesforce: This Company is highly focused on the future of small business innovation. Salesforce is a full-featured customer relationship management that is cloud-based, hence giving you access to your data anywhere, anytime, and from various devices.


Microsoft: Microsoft is leading this tech market. Microsoft is introducing new offers and technologies that will help organizations navigate their digital transformation and build critical foundations for cloud and AI.


1010 Data: This Company combines people, processes, and technology to fully-democratize data analytics and, in the process, empowers the high-definition enterprises that make smarter decisions and creates optimal business outcomes.

Nex Software: Nex Software offers software solutions, big data services, IoT, and a lot more technologies to its customers. This Company does data science projects. They build a platform to easily integrates all a business’s data and then allow it to be melded to specific work processes in a way that lets users do more with it and find solve the higher-value problems.


Technologist: The Company is into the automobile sector, real estate, education and e-learning, banking, healthcare, and other critical segments in the industry. The highly skilled team of professionals is working on several futuristic technologies since its inception. The Company is into the big data related outsourcing services, app development, and IT to the clients.


Dataiku: Dataiku is one of the leading companies in the data science industry. Dataiku develops a unique advanced analytics software solution called a data science studio that enables companies to build and deliver their data products more efficiently. The key focus of the Company is on artificial intelligence.


StreamSets: StreamSets Inc develops data ingest technology for big data applications. The Company’s software is used for retrieval and transportation of long messages from files. Their tool ingests, cleanses, and monitor data in motion to address data drift and fuel real-time analysis.


Aegis Soft Tech: Aegis Soft Tech provides enterprise data-driven applications and data management solutions. It offers solutions for the life sciences industry and healthcare organizational data management



Data science is all about uncovering information from data. Diving in at a deeper level to churn out and understand complex behaviors, trends, and inferences. It’s about bringing up hidden insight that can help enable companies to make smarter business decisions. For more information log on to Global Tech Council.