Why Become a Data scientist? 9 Practical Reasons to Consider 

Data is revolutionizing our society because every second, we are generating data. Or the devices that we come in contact with are generating it. This data is vast but valuable at the same time. Data has already begun determining the decisions that an organization or Government is taking. A simple example is every time you log into a social media account. The posts you view or the websites you surf or the links you click on are building your profile. This leads to personalized suggestions in your feeds, and thus the content pushed in your way is to be a sure-shot hit because it’s what you already like.


Data is very powerful in 2020. And there couldn’t have been a better time to take this up as your career. Whether you’re just starting your career or making that shift from an engineering or a computer science background, streamlining yourself as a data scientist will have a fruitful outcome in the future. Because just like we’re breathing oxygen and giving out carbon dioxide, we’re also creating data at that same pace. According to Glassdoor, the job profile of a data scientist has been topping the list of best jobs in the United States of America for three years in a row!


And we’re not trying to convince you to go into this field, but since you’re here and still reading, you do have an interest in data science. You should give it a read as to why we feel becoming a data scientist might be the best decision you’ll ever make. Here are nine practical reasons that’ll coax you into reconsidering the job offer of a data scientist.


  • High Demand for Data Science Professionals

With the rising need of qualified data scientists, there is a shortage because of the nascent and evolving nature of this field. Due to the lack of niche data skill sets, there are innumerable unfilled career opportunities. Unlike in the past, when only the tech and finance sectors needed data professionals, now every industry from retail to manufacturing is collecting as much data as possible on their customers and consumers. Lack of qualified talent means it’s a good time to jump into this field.


  • Work-Personal Life Equilibrium

Isn’t that a dream come true?

Generally, data scientists are working Monday through Friday, investing 9-10 hours of their day in what they enjoy. Some organizations also allow flexible working hours where you can work from as well. In fact, as a data scientist, you can work from anywhere in the world, all you need is your workstation, the internet, and all the accesses required. You’re not restricted or tied down to your desk in any way.


  • Salary and Perks

It’s simple math. The lack of competition in this field at present means handsome pay packages. Entry-level data scientists starting out, make anywhere on an average $110,000 yearly. Now add some good work experience to that, and once you reach a managerial level, your annual salary can go up to $2,50,000. Moreover, an organization capable of paying that much would also have some substantial annual bonuses and perks.


  • Working with Top-Level Management

Data scientists generally work with the C-level administration in an organization because they are usually solving significant business problems and trying to derive working solutions with the data collected. It is you who will be responsible for conducting smart analysis and presenting findings to the who’s who of the company for data-driven decisions.

  • Becoming the ‘Merlin’ in the Organization

As a data scientist, you’ll have multiple opportunities to make a difference in the organization. In fact, you will be the magician solving business challenges by studying data influencing company decisions based on your findings. Thus you can have a considerable impact on the organization that you’ll work for, and that’s a big responsibility to carry on your shoulders.


  • Working with the Best Brands

Obviously, all big brands dealing with humongous amounts of data require data scientists. So organizations like Apple, Google, Facebook, IBM, LinkedIn, Amazon, Microsoft, Twitter, Uber, etc., and the list goes on, need data scientists with experience. A lot of exciting startups are also looking out to hire data specialists with their advanced skill set.


  • Data-Driven Mindset

Working in the field of data science makes you smarter as an individual too. As you work with vast amounts of data from multiple sources, you become a data-driven thinker. You’re constantly trying to stay updated with new techniques and taking new challenges heads on. This behaviour reflects in your personal life as well, and you can manage your situations rationally.

  • Enhanced Business Knowledge

Working with data science allows you to become an integral part of any organization. This means that you can build deep networks with everyone whom your paths cross. Since you’re the person responsible for problem-solving, you will be solving them for every department within an organization. This will give you first-hand insights, which might prove to be quite useful if you start your own business in the long run.


  • Diverse Skills and Exposure

    Since data scientists are required everywhere, you could move into production companies, or the renewable energy industry, or e-commerce business industry or even a startup. The possibilities for you are endless, depending on your interests. There is scope for a lot of ‘horizontal mobility’ as the industry might change, but the work will remain similar. Your skills in data visualization, understanding analytics, statistics, communication, coding, etc. are varied in nature. This wholesome knowledge will help you move forward in your career at a faster pace.


What lies ahead?

As a field of study, data science has been gaining momentum. There is an increase in computing power, in the insight-extraction algorithm, and the number of sensors. This obviously means that data science isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So it would be a very tactical decision to move into this arena right now. You can complete your degree from a reputed college in the same or sign up for a data science certificate online. Either way, it’s up to you how you want to gain the requisite knowledge and experience because growth after that shall be quick and without any boundaries.

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