Why Data Scientist Is The Most Promising Job Of 2019?

Undoubtedly, a career in data science is the most desired ambition of many job candidates. Looking at what organizations and businesses want the story is not too different. Most corporates and even small businesses are looking for talented data scientists. This is a relatively new field of technology that gained importance in just a few years. The reason behind its popularity is known to all – the insights obtained from big data and analysis.

While we surely don’t need proof of data science is the most promising job of 2019, here’s what a study says.

A study by Great Learning revealed that the landscape of data science is gaining popularity and demanding highly efficient skills. Today, data scientists need to develop a combination of skills which also includes programming such as R and Python. Hiring companies are focusing on their data science needs, which helps them to constantly work towards bridging the skills gap.

Let’s see some more exciting insights related to why data scientist is the most promising job:

  • In total, there are 97,000 job opening, which indicates that the demand is high. Most of the jobs are full-time requirements and a very few are part-time.


  • When compared to 2017, the number of jobs in the data science field has increased by 2%.


  • Python is The Tool for data scientist so having knowledge of same is important.


  • Most of the analytical job requirements – 38% to be specific – arise from the banking sector.


The market for data scientists is increasing as you read this. Every day, a new requirement for data science comes up, which demands skilled professionals. While the demand is soaring high, supply not so much. This gives data science candidates a perfect entry point. You only have to acquire relevant skills to penetrate the market quickly. Read below about the skills you require to become a data scientist.

General Skills

Although we will shortly jump to technical skills, having general skills is the key to your success. You may have all the technical knowledge but still not succeed in the field due to lack of general skills.

  • Communication is the first and foremost thing. You may have analyzed certain things which are relevant to the sales team of your organization. However, if you fail to communicate these insights in the simplest form to the sales team, your skills are worthless.


  • Problem-solving skills are equally important as other data science skills because you need an innovative mind to reach to the core of the problem.


  • Constant learning capabilities are certainly the most important requirement of data science. The data science we know today has evolved a lot. Hence, it is going to change and enhance in the future as well. To keep pace, you need to keep learning.


Technology Skills

Having some basic technical skills are good for every data scientist as it will help you navigate through various problems.

  • Most of the data scientists know Python because it is simply the best programming tool related to data science.
  • R is similar to Python and it is no doubt deep-rooted in data science and analytics field.
  • SQL skills are required to understand and interact with the relational database.
  • There are various other necessary technical skills such as Hadoop, JAVA, and Tableau which are all really essential for functioning.


Data scientists are the most promising career today simply because this job role has a lot to offer. If an organization have the right data scientists to help them, it is possible to increase user engagement, streamline processes, and predict the feasibility of a new product. To become that person for any organization, you are required to focus on the above skill set.


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