Certified Bitcoin Expert

Certified Bitcoin Expert is a premium course aimed for non-developers to learn Bitcoin principles and concepts like What is Bitcoin, How bitcoin works, How does bitcoin Mining work, What are Bitcoin Nodes, What are Forks in Bitcoin, How does Bitcoin Trading works etc. Global Tech Council’s style=”font-weight: 400;”>courses are comprised of such definition with excellent analogies and examples to explain people and understand the notion behind bitcoin much better and be able to utilize the information in their own career.

Global Tech Council offers the course with a certification allowing students to validate their skill and understanding whenever they are applying for jobs in Bitcoin, usually in blockchain companies that work on Blockchain based on Bitcoin codebase.

It is a 4-hour training course which requires completing each and every training module, followed by an examination for certification for which you need to provide 60% of accurate answers in the exam. This course is ideal for Managers, CEOs, Marketers, Teachers and any non-development profession who can utilize the technology and help themselves in making a career in Ethereum Technology. Check the courses now