How Small Devices Make the Biggest Impact on the IoT?

The Internet of Things is a common technology. It is the reason behind connectivity in our common devices. No doubt this sector of the IT industry is constantly growing or so the research says.

A recent study revealed that by the end of 2019, companies would have spent more than USD 120 billion on this technology. Isn’t that amazing?

But, wait. Are we looking at the broader picture? Or are we just thinking about the common facts and figures?

Let’s see…

Small Devices and Internet of Things

Don’t we all have a tendency to completely ignore small inventions around us? For instance, our smartwatch which almost every individual has today. But, do we realize its worth?

Take nanotechnology, for instance. The people outside the scientific community may have heard about this technology but most of us don’t know what is it and what is its impact on our society. This technology deals with the manipulation of supramolecular, atomic, and molecular scale. And you would find it in every field – be it medicine, cutting tools, paints, lubricants, etc.

Similarly, the Internet of Thing is about small things such as small devices. These devices never receive recognition but form the fundamental units of IoT. Here’s how small devices influence IoT:

  • Wearable devices such as your smartwatch. There are various medical bands like Fitbit that are helping users monitor their health all the time. These devices keep a check on your health and alert us of the impending health risks.


  • Most of the devices that go into making our home are small. Since we are moving towards an era of small homes, small IoT-enabled devices are penetrating the market.


  • We are finally entering the age of James Bond devices. Finally, security, enforcement, and military services have the ability to plant small trackers on culprit vehicles and trace their movement.


If we again jump back to the example of smartwatches, then this small device is becoming so smart that it can work as a replacement for your smartphone. Consider Apple Watch. You can actually leave your phone in the car and go for a walk. Your Apple watch will let you attend emergency calls.

Big Impact of Small Devices

IoT-enabled small devices will have a huge impact on every industry. But, there are few industries that will benefit more than others.

For example, we think healthcare will benefit a lot from small devices. The small health trackers can make the lives of the patients much easier. These devices will also reduce the hassle for doctors.

Then, law enforcement units will also benefit from small devices. As we have already discussed, we are entering the age of James Bond type tracking of criminals.

Then, lastly, every industry that can benefit from biometric data will benefit from small IoT devices. This is one section of IoT that will see immense growth in the near future.

Transforming IoT With Small Devices

IoT is changing as we speak. We need to keep pace and adapt to these small devices. These devices will bring a transformation in the future without us even realizing. Hence, businesses should focus more on small devices to catch up with the IoT revolution.