The 5 Popular Trends of Internet Of Things (IoT) In 2022

The Internet of things has become a trend that is influencing the ongoing datafication and digitalization of our current society in a number of ways. IoT is everywhere from the latest technical developments, including self-driving vehicles, to remote medical devices, and autonomous manufacturing robots. In fact, as per experts’ predictions, we will see the rise of around 29 billion such devices with a global internet connection by the year 2022. Due to this, we can say that demand for IoT developer professionals will also rise in the coming years. Hence, it will be a wise decision for you to take IoT certifications if you are thinking of making a career in the technical field. 

IoT in healthcare

Due to the unfavorable situations that the world has been facing for the past few years, it is evident why the healthcare sector is one of the active and essential regions for IoT implementations. Here, we are seeing multiple practical use cases of IoT in the medical sector. For example, Social distancing monitoring through public cameras, availability of fitness trackers, and bands to monitor one’s health. 

Aside from this, we also see significant remote healthcare and telemedicine adoption. However, the development of a few specialized medical pieces of equipment like insulin pumps, monitoring machines for heart rate and blood pressure, and defibrillators are more widespread. Furthermore, this equipment frequently works with a wide internet connection and collects all the essential and current data. 

Due to this, doctors are now more effectively getting insights into patients’ lifestyles and conditions. Also, these devices can work autonomously and help enhance their users’ lifestyle quality. However, to learn more advanced applications of IoT in the healthcare sector you can take available IoT courses

Furthermore, with IoT devices, providing touchless healthcare services to patients without compromising the quality has become possible. Hence it creates a safe environment for both doctors and patients, especially at the time where we are surviving a contagious virus. 

In Security 

The growing number of smart devices with global internet connections is also giving rise to the risk of hacks and exploitations. Moreover, there is an increase in the number of cybercrimes with every progressive year. Moreover, IoT devices can provide attackers with access points to our individual networks. In fact, IoT devices are not as secure as our traditional method of storing critical data, for example, smartphones or computers. This is because IoT devices are meant to connect with the global internet to provide robust and up-to-date information and services to their users. 

However, IoT devices can also work for securing our data. We can gather information regarding users and network traffic and help the connected devices to build up certain algorithms that can predict and deter the possibility of cyberattacks. We advise you to take IoT training if you want to learn more in-depth about how these algorithms actually work. 

Edge IoT

IoT and edge computing maintain an interconnection between them that helps them to work together effectively. Basically, it implies the creation of devices that have onboard analytics capabilities. Thus, it allows performing computing closer to the data source that you are analyzing. 

Furthermore, these devices tend to employ smart sensors like microphones with NLP functionalities or cameras with capabilities of computer vision. Hence the process of computation can occur much faster because of these qualities. More so, it also reduces the transfer of data back and forth to the cloud and releases congestion within the network. 

In addition to this, if an IoT device is storing the personal data of the users, then it allows them to access insights without having to go off their individual custody. Also, due to the more advanced user interface and durable batteries, increased computer power is possible in even smaller devices. 

Moreover, organizations are showing interest in implementing hybrid cloud ecosystems to provide robust IoT assistance to their customers. Hence edge computing will be serving as a critical aspect of these advancements as secure insights, and fast deliveries will be the top priorities of these organizations. 

It makes an excellent opportunity for you to take up IoT training and other relevant IoT courses and pave your career path with a promising future. 

IoT in the sector of Business and Industry

The Internet of things has a significant influence on good manufacturing processes, selling to customers, follow-ups and customer support, and providing other services. Furthermore, the execution of automation is progressively increasing in logistic plants and smart factories. 

With the implementation of IoT automation in various business models, organizations get the advantages of data-driven insights and better efficiency regarding their operations. 

Additionally, wearable devices like VR and AR headsets will come in handy for providing training, equipment maintenance, automation execution, and process stimulation with the help of methodologies like a digital twin. Further, in the area of manufacturing operations, the inclusion of sensors into the machinery will help to evaluate its performance. Also, it will enable predictive maintenance that will effectively let users know about the possibility of breakdowns and failures ahead of time. Hence it will spare them enough time to arrange repairs or bring replacements. 

In fact, IoT developer professionals are actively seeking different ways to build effective applications in the area of manufacturing and business. 

IoT in the region of resilient organizations

IoT technology helps in developing more efficient and disaster-resistant firms. Aside from different security provisions, it also ensures whether an organization comprises the needed skills to deal with widespread changes. For example, work from home. 


Looking at its increasing popularity and adoption in different areas of our lives, we can deem its brighter impact in our future. Hence taking up IoTcourses at present will benefit you in the coming years. So, make sure to check out IoTcertifications available from reliable resources. Further to learn more on these topics, visit the GLOBAL TECH COUNCIL.

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