Impact of Machine Learning in Our Daily Lives

Machine learning is reaching every industry. It is everywhere.

We are sure, many of us are already tired of hearing this. The actual question that we want to answer today is where. How do we use machine learning in our daily lives? What devices or applications are included in this everywhere? Let’s find out.

All the industry giants such as Amazon, Netflix, and YouTube are using machine learning for the recommended section of their websites. Using ML, these companies are able to offer precise recommendations to their users.

We use these applications almost daily and most of us have watched great movies because of Netflix recommendations.

Then, there is Siri. How can we forget Siri?

Using several ML algorithms, Siri helps you achieve various daily tasks.

Wait, there’s more. This is not the end.

Check out the list below:

  • Intelligent games such as Deep Blue. This game is so amazing, it ended up defeating Gary Kasparov in a chess game. Can you guess the efficiency of the game?


  • Self-driving cars that use motion sensors, GPS, and multiple computer systems are so popular. Although these are not common in practice, in the future we will be definitely using self-driving cars.


  • Virtual assistants. We have already talked about Siri earlier. There are more: Alexa, Google Allo, and many more. How would you survive without Alexa helping you out?


  • Predictions are the most common application and the most useful one. This application helps businesses on a daily basis to predict the possible outcome of business decisions. Businesses are using this application of ML for improving business decisions, increasing customer satisfaction, and reducing system errors.


  • Personalization occurs in various forms. People you may know on Facebook or LinkedIn. Personalized feed on Facebook which is based on your previous interests and activities. Face recognition by Facebook after you upload a picture. And the similar type of pins by Pinterest.


  • Checking and tracking of email for detecting spam messages as soon as they arrive. This enables businesses to avoid multiple cyberattacks with a simple implementation of ML application.


  • Remember, chatbots? These are an invention which we have because of AI and ML. These bots are now smart enough to handle customer conversations effectively without human interruption. They can even transfer the call or chat to a human executive when the situation goes out of hand.


  • Overall, making cyberspace a better place. There are various ML applications that are dedicated to creating a safe online world. You can use these applications to detect fraud and take preventive measures instead of corrective measures.


Do you think we are using machine learning daily?


We can’t function well without machine learning. It makes the work of businesses as well as individuals so much easier.

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