Top Machine Learning Certifications to get Your Hands-on

With its strong foundation in statistics and intelligent algorithms, machine learning has become a growing field in the artificial intelligence landscape. Almost every industry captures data and wants to utilize it. Hence, almost every industry is using machine learning capabilities to intelligently utilize this data.

From intelligent chatbots to fraud detection and spam filters, machine learning helps us create models for fast processing. Something, impossible for human beings. For instance, a machine learning algorithm can find patterns quickly in a dataset. But, to achieve the same task, a human interpreter requires days; considering the size of the dataset.

Simply put, it is obvious that machine learning is important. It is also obvious that the demand for this field is more. Keeping that in mind, completing a machine learning certificate online can help you secure your future. Let’s see how:

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  •     Top Machine Learning Certifications

o   Certified Machine Learning Expert from GTC

o   Machine Learning Course by Coursera

o   Machine Learning by EdX

o   Advanced Machine Learning Specialization by Coursera

  •     What Makes a Good Course?
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This article will discuss the top 4 courses which can help you become a certified machine learning expert.

Top Machine Learning Certifications

1. Certified Machine Learning Expert From Global Tech Council

This machine learning certification online is offered by Global Tech Council. It is designed to deliver comprehensive machine learning knowledge to the user. Through this machine learning certification online, you can learn ML techniques, statistical recognition, data mining, etc.

o   Lifetime access

o   24*7 support

o   Practical knowledge

o   Certified machine learning expert acknowledgment

2. Machine Learning Course by Coursera

The course developed by Andrew Ng, who is the co-founder of Coursera, Google Brain, and a Stanford professor. The course is perfect for beginners who wish to start their journey in this field.

It is developed using Octave, instead of R and Python. As a beginner, Octave is much easier to grasp and learn.

o   100% online learning

o   54 hours’ completion time

o   Multi-language support

o   Comprehensive learning structure

3. Machine Learning by EdX

This course is an advanced or expert level course that delivers optimum mathematics knowledge. From calculus to linear algebra, the course helps in learning multiple math concepts. It includes various practical assignments in Octave and Python.

o   Free course

o   Instructor-signed certificate

o   Shareable certificate

o   Progress monitor

4. Advanced Machine Learning Specialization by Coursera

The last course is again from Coursera. It provides expert-level knowledge and specialization in machine learning. You can learn deep learning and natural language processing abilities through this course.

o   Applied learning

o   Hands-on project experience

o   Advanced level knowledge

o   Complete online training

What Makes a Good Course?

o   Programming assignments for hands-on practical experience in the field.

o   Strict focus on machine learning concepts, structure, and advanced knowledge delivery.

o   Engaging instructors in delivering optimum support for the maximum amount of time.

o   Enhanced reviews by previous learners and 3.5 or above rating.

o   Comprehensive topic coverage for better knowledge in the dedicated field.


Machine learning certificate online can deliver the required knowledge in a flexible manner. However, selecting the right course can be a hassle. Check the above data and make the right decision. These courses are best suited for advanced industry knowledge and wide-exposure.