Aware of All the Upcoming AI/ML Trends? Here are 3 Trends You Might be Missing

Are you aware of all the latest upcoming AI/ML technology trends? Think again! This article includes AI/ML trends, according to Artificial Intelligence experts and Machine Learning experts, that you might not know.

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  • Introduction
  • Top 3 AI/ML Trends
    • Benefits of AI to computer graphics
    • Merging of AI, IoT, Blockchain and other technologies
    • Betterment of predictive text
  • Conclusion


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic of discussion among tech enthusiasts since its inception. It is integrated into the core of our lives, from virtual assistants like Siri to AI autopilots. Isn’t it a revolutionizing innovation? Machines are now handling customer queries, robots delivering food, bots playing board games, and the like.

Top 3 AI/ML Trends

While companies are investing huge money in AI/ML-based solutions and focusing on the bigger picture only, here are the top three trends you might be missing.

AI/ ML Trends

1. Benefits of AI to Computer Graphics

While everybody talks about driverless cars, smart speakers, chatbots, the field of computer-generated graphics through AI often goes unnoticed. Industries that create virtual environments and wish to create more photorealistic effects like characters and objects in films and games, vehicles, and high fidelity environments.


Recreation of a metal surface, wooden texture, or the peel of orange are challenging and time-consuming to process. Experts and experienced professionals can only perform such tasks. World-class companies and researchers have been trying to make AI algorithms that reduce the workload of artists and process heavy computer graphics using AI. As a matter of fact, leading GPU manufacturer, NVIDIA is working on using AI for processing complex graphics for several years.


They have recently launched the RTX series. These new GPUs use ray-tracing and AI to make the process of creation of realistic computer graphics quicker and cheaper. Experts in Vienna are also researching on creating methods to automate the graphic generation process using machine learning and neural networks.

2.Merging of AI, IoT, Blockchain and Other Technologies

Technologies like AI, IoT, and blockchain are on the verge of convergence and have already merged partially. For example, driverless cars are just around the corner and will soon be a reality. The sensors installed in such vehicles and other AI cars are already connected to the internet and share data with the OEMs.  Deep learning and natural language processing algorithms use this data to learn and make better decisions — for example, service scheduling, eye-tracking, voice commands, and GPS. 


Another possible application is the use of the GPS data to streamline traffic at highly crowded intersections. Another convergence that is on the verge is of blockchain and IoT. As every device or even our homes are getting connected to the internet, it raises serious concerns about data security. The decentralized and trustworthy nature of blockchain can be merged with IoT to make it more secure. 

3. Betterment Of Predictive Text


Android phones have been using predictive text for quite a while now. Even Apple has introduced the same feature in its iPhones. But, when AI is integrated with predictive text, AI will reach a point where it will know what you wish to type even before you do. ‘Smart’ predictive text is already implemented in Google docs and Gmail.


This could help content writers to speed up their writing without compromising on quality. It will be interesting to see how this collaboration performs in the future.



These AI/ML trends will shape our future. We hope that we were able to tell you about the trends which you were not aware of.


Therefore, the future seems to be bright for AI developers. If you, too, wish to become one, now is the time to opt for an AI certification from a reputed source. You can also check out our Certified Artificial Intelligence Developer to learn more about AI and move to greater heights in your career.


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