Beginner’s Guide For Learning Python Programming

Python is a robust and powerful language, which is easy-to-learn yet extremely valuable when it is about utilization. From data science to machine learning, python is utilized in every field. It has something to offer to every industry.

If you are setting foot on this path, there’s literally nothing better that you could have decided for your career. However, we understand that it can be often hard to decide the best way to learn. This is why, in this article, we will discuss eight tips that you can utilize to learn python.

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  • What Can You Do To Complete Python Certification?

o Code, Every day!
o Take Note
o Try Interactive
o Rest
o Hunt Bugs
o Teach
o Join Community
o Complete a Python Certification

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It is necessary to understand that these methods can help you stay updated with the language in the long run. This is because tools and libraries of the language evolve. If you know how to get acquainted with these changes, it is easier to maintain an upward work career trajectory.

What Can You Do To Complete Python Certification?

Here are some tricks and tips that can help you learn python and complete python certification.

1. Code, Every day!

It is necessary to understand that consistency is everything in coding. If you fail to code every day or stay updated every day, you may lose out on a lot. Hence, when you are learning a programming language, write code every day to build muscle memory.

In the starting, this can be overwhelming, and you may feel like giving up. But, regular practice makes a better programmer.

2. Take Note

Whether you are completing a python certification or taking an online course, take out your notepad, and start writing. Sometimes, just writing it out helps in retaining the knowledge delivered in the course or python certification.

This is especially true when you are trying to become a full-time programmer. In this case, writing it out will help you secure your tricks and knowledge bits forever. You can even complete small projects based on this knowledge much before in the learning lifecycle.

3. Try Interactive

If you start using an interactive python shell (Python REPL), you can work easily throughout your career. From creating basic data structures to application debugging, this tool can help you a lot.

Using a tool is always better because you have multiple interactive features and usability is simply amazing.

4. Rest

In between your learning sessions, take a break. We understand that it may be tempting during the lockdown to keep learning without a break. But, taking a break helps your brain rest and gain some perspective.

For instance, if you are stuck on a problem since the morning, the best that you can do is to take a break. After the break, you would be able to see clearly what you are doing wrong.

5. Hunt Bugs

Don’t get afraid of bugs. Once you start writing complex code, it is unlikely to avoid having bugs in your code. So, don’t get frustrated or afraid of it. Simply take pride in finding bugs earlier in the software development lifecycle.

Scan your code in order and find bugs that can ruin your code. When you are stuck on something which won’t work, and you are not able to find the bug, check the above method – rest. Then, start again.

6. Teach

Many times, the best method to learn is to teach. Gather some python lovers, who are also learning python like you and start teaching each other. Once you start teaching people, you will feel the obligation to learn more. Once that happens, your motivation will boost, and you will automatically start becoming better at the language.

7.  Join Community

We can’t stress the importance of community learning more. Every technical professional should absolutely become a part of a community.

Fortunately, there are an array of python communities. You can join multiple communities to receive regular support from peers and fellow learners. This is a great opportunity to always keep learning and staying updated with the latest python trends of the market.

8. Complete a Python Certification

Lastly, try completing a python certification for improved knowledge. For many people, a structured course approach is best suited for learning a programming language. Find the best python certification course, enroll for it, and start improving your knowledge in the area.

Another method is to gain basic knowledge through the above methods and then move to a python certification for proper grooming. With expert support and guidance, you can learn in an enhanced manner.


Every beginner is confused about the right route to learning python. This route matters a lot because the method you choose to learn a programming language impacts your foundational knowledge and application-based understanding. So, to prevent taking the wrong route, follow the above tips, and complete a python certification in the right way.