Guide To Become an Artificial Intelligence Expert

Artificial Intelligence is a field that we have seen unfold right before our eyes. We have seen tremendous growth in this field. As per reports, Artificial Intelligence is expected to create around 133 million new jobs, which itself is a lucrative figure. It shows that there is a great need for educated individuals who have expertise in this domain. Since it’s a decade, old technology which has taken the world by storm, pursuing a formal education in this field remains sceptical owing to lack of information. But, with the help of right education forums like Global Tech Council which provides certification program in Artificial Intelligence, the path becomes seamless. However, there are certain key aspects that one needs to follow if they wish to proliferate in this field. Let’s unfold the details about the same.


Why Choose AI As A Career Option?

In recent times we have seen a growing inclination towards unconventional career options. In the last decade, we have seen the growth of AI as a career option and for obvious reasons:

  • This is a perfect field for those who have internet in data and data interpretation


  • The future is going to be about AI and machine learning. Around 133 million new jobs are expected to be created, which makes it a popular career option.


  • AI experts would be required in different fields like military, marketing, healthcare, medicine etc.


Guide To Become An AI Expert


Well, one of the key requirements for anyone to make a career in this field, it’s important that one should be inclined towards numbers. If you are good at numbers, then you should proceed to the next step.



The next step is brushing up the concepts, and when we talk about concepts, then there are a lot of them that you need to get through with before striding deeper into AI. The concepts here we are talking about are mathematical concepts like the following:

  • Linear Algebra, Statistics and Probability – We have already mentioned that mathematics is the key part of AI and if you wish to make a growing career in this field, you must be thorough with the basic mathematical concepts.


  • Selecting the right programming language–  Well, there are several programming languages, but not every language is going to benefit you. Hence it becomes important that you must choose the right programming language. Some of the popular choices that you have are Java, C, Python.


  • Data Analysis – Artificial Intelligence is all about deciphering what the data is all about. You must be able to interpret the data aptly and should be able to conclude.


  • Machine learning– Get through with different machine learning concepts like SVM, Decision trees, KNN, Random Forests etc.




Get indulged in deeper learning about AI. This part is about mastering this field, and we have bifurcated this into three parts, which you need to master if you wish to make a good career in AI:

  • Learning about neural network and mastering its concepts– Neural networks are made up of layers, and they have nodes. The inner layer communicates with the outer layer with the help of connections. Some of the common neural networks that you need to study are:


Recurrent neural nets

Convolutional Neural Nets

Multilayer perceptrons etc.

  • Big Data- Although this is not important for learning AI, but knowing Big data will always be beneficial.


  • Domains of AI- Here, you should be thorough with the concepts of neural network and be able to build your neural network. You can begin with a specified field and later grow into different fields.




Mastering the AI: Once you have become well-versed with the steps mentioned above, your next move should be mastering this field which includes the following:

  • Learning about the optimization techniques- It helps in maximizing or minimizing the error function. Here you need to make use of optimisation techniques.


  • Participate in competition- The best part about modern technology is that there are many ongoing competitions and platforms that will ask you to put your skills to test, and there are myriads of benefits of the same, firstly you get to learn how much you have progressed in learning AI and its concepts and how much of it you can apply in your real life.


  • Read research papers and prepare your own– One of the ways to establish your credibility in Artificial Intelligence is by reading research papers in this field and try to do your research.



Wrapping It Up

The steps mentioned above are going to help you sail through the learning graph of artificial intelligence, but you would need certification in AI from a right institute like Global Tech Council. Once you have mastered this field, you have prepared yourself for the future and are ready to find yourself a safe and secure job.





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