How Artificial Intelligence Can Aid in Cybersecurity?

Imagine this:

A hospital has suffered a WannaCry attack and the attacker is asking for a huge ransom. The hospital staff is paralyzed because they are unable to operate machines and attend patients. Everything is haywire and no one knows what to do, so they start refusing emergency patients to avoid the hassle. However, for many of these patients, immediate care is necessary.

What do you do?

This situation is not uncommon and it has actually happened in many places. Modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning can offer an answer to this. You can use these two technologies to empower your cybersecurity and avoid entering in a damaging situation like above.

Here’s how AI and ML can aid your cybersecurity:

  • Most of the passwords that we choose for our accounts and logins are susceptible to breach. These passwords are easily accessible. Further, many people keep the same password for all their important accounts which mean that if one password is cracked, all the other accounts are at stake. AI has changed this and offered us biometric login. Biometric scans for fingerprint, palm print, and retina are much safer than other security methods.


  • Since AI has the ability to monitor huge amounts of data at once and study the patterns, it is possible for this technology to detect fraud too. AI can find malicious patterns soon enough to stop the attack altogether. Additionally, both AI and ML can track end-to-end activities of users to suggest corrective action such as when to not open a span-like email.


  • Due to Natural Language Processing ability of AI, these tools can automatically scan articles on cybersecurity, collect data, and find solutions. If an attack is currently gaining popularity, AI can be used for extra security layer or mitigation.


  • While we are already using authentication methods to avoid unauthorized professionals from using secure data, AI can make it more efficient. AI can implement real-time data tracking and authentication which can prevent unauthorized access and improve security structure.


What Can You Do to Improve Cybersecurity with AI?

  • Hire professionals who have knowledge of the domain as well as AI-powered tools.
  • Create a structure for regular monitoring and testing of the network and overall structure.
  • Use AI-powered threat protection and firewall software for avoiding malware attack.
  • Use AI tools to monitor traffic and the threats coming along.
  • Update existing technologies and tools to new ones like ML and AI.
  • Train employees on the use of AI-powered tools and other basic security essentials.


Undeniable, cyberattacks are increasing every hour but so are the technological advancements related to cybersecurity. So, why not grab this opportunity and use AI and ML for securing the data of your organization?