Data Science and Machine Learning: Careers Trends in 2019

We have already spent more than half of the year talking about data science and machine learning. However, we are yet to discuss the trends that are dominating the careers’ market of these technology domains.

Today, we will explore the emerging career trends related to machine learning and data science. We believe that these trends are expected to continue to 2020. So, if you are a student willing to join the workforce next year, read on.

Here are 5 Leading Trends:

Industry Specialization

Data science is not restricted to any field. It is used in retail, services, hospitality, healthcare, and everything else that you can think of. Every industry giant is looking for people who specialize in their field. It is easier when you have end-to-end knowledge of one field. This makes your analysis and predictions more accurate and the turnaround time also decreases.

On-Job Training

Becoming a pro in the field comes with experience and a lot of knowledge. It is not possible to have all this before entering the workforce. Hence, industries look for basic data science and machine learning knowledge, then you are always given a chance to groom.

This is because you work with learned professionals so you automatically learn a lot. Then, many organizations offer professional training to data science professionals. Lastly, once you know some things about the work, you can always take an online course to improve your knowledge.

Sophisticated Data Protection

While data science is the driver of growth, there are several rules protecting the data of the citizens. Take GDPR, for instance. It restricts unauthorized use of personal data of EU citizens. So, when you become a data scientist, your first job is to ensure that you don’t dent the compliance structure. Check the guidelines and necessary requirements of the GDPR before you enter the field.

Programming Experience

Many experts believe programming is absolutely necessary for data science. Here’s the actual deal:

45% of people think programming should be learned before, 48% believe that it can be learned while working, and 7% don’t find it important.

You can simply go to any route. If you have the resources and time, learn programming before joining the workforce. If you can’t do it, then enter the workforce and then learn it. But, we believe, not knowing programming is not an option. You won’t be able to grow if you skip this aspect of your career field.

Formal Education

We don’t think that we even need to discuss this. Formal education is not necessary for any field today. If you have an interest in the field, you know things, and you can learn things, you can also get a job. So, it is not about formal education, it is more about knowing what you are doing because it helps you execute things to improve productivity.


In order to climb this ladder, you have to groom your skills throughout your career. This is one trend that never fades away. You won’t be able to achieve success if you do not adjust to the market demands through constant learning and improvement.

Hence, check out the above trends, brush up your skills, and go get a job!

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