How Artificial Intelligence Can Transform the Music Industry?

Even 5 years back, we were wondering if technologies like artificial intelligence would influence the music industry. Today, it is already here. Hence, in this article, we will discuss how the music industry is being influenced by technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, etc.

To start with, just like other industry domains, artificial intelligence automates a series of tasks in the music industry. It helps in identifying hidden data patterns, which helps us use them to improve the efficiency of the processes.

Let’s dive in and see how AI is transforming the music industry.

AI Driving the Growth of the Music Industry

According to a report released by McKinsey, by the year 2030, almost 70% organization will start utilizing at least one technology or software or advancement related to artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence implementation comes with a promise of augmentation and enhancement in the business processes. With AI by our side, we are empowered to make better decisions and choices related to the future of the business. No doubt, AI drives both innovation and growth, which is why it is about to become one of the most utilized technologies in the music industry for creative processes.

Don’t believe us?

Here’s a story for you.

Do you know Scott Cohen? He is a leading influencer in the music industry. He saw the technology revolution before anyone, which led to the formation of The Orchard. The Orchard is an entertainment and music organization which is known for its work. This organization was acquired by Sony in the year 2015 and its worth was USD 200 million at that time.

During the Eurosonic Nooderslag conference, Cohen explained that every few years some invention or disruption impacts the music industry. This time it is going to be a tech. Apparently, he was right.

He further explained that every day more than 20,000 tracks are uploaded to Spotify alone. Now, if we multiply it to the tracks uploaded in a month or year, that is a huge amount. Shuffling through these tracks and finding just the right playlist for different users is something that can only be achieved by AI. The power of artificial intelligence combined with big data allows the systems to identify past choices of users, based on which recommendations are made. Is it possible for a human interpreter to achieve this in almost a split second? We all know the answer.

Cohen also believes that the  power of technology  doesn’t stop there. These recommendations go as far as creating categories for users to choose from. If you would open your Spotify right now, you would find several pre-set playlists.

Take Apple Music, for example. It automatically detects the type of music you are listening to and sorts to play a similar type of genre when you are on shuffle. Isn’t technology totally reading our minds?

Artificial Intelligence Creates Music

Artificial intelligence is not only helping us modify and enhance the music industry but also it is helping us create music. There are a series of algorithms, using which music producers are creating music. Going through numerous data sets, these algorithms judge which music would be great to hear and use it to tune together musical pieces.


Artificial intelligence is disrupting every industry and every domain that we know of. From information technology to the hospitality and music industry, everybody can benefit from this technology.

The biggest proof of the effectiveness of artificial intelligence is seen in the personalized approach followed by music applications. That is why we go to the extent of paying a lot of money just to have good music experience, isn’t it? And we get it all with artificial intelligence.

Hence, if you are in the music industry and you haven’t already started relying on this technology, you should start today.