How is AI Actually Helping People and Not Harming It?

In this article, let’s explore some of the real examples of AI, illustrating how it is helping common people and not harming them. 

Table of Contents

  • Overview
  • Powerful Examples of Artificial Intelligence 
  • Concluding Lines: Is AI the Future?


Artificial Intelligence(AI) is a process of transferring human cognitive intelligence to computer systems. For many years, AI Experts and technocrats have been intrigued by the effects of AI, both positive and negative, but there are some great advantages of AI that are perhaps not often discussed. In fact, AI’s opportunity to do good and increase productivity is underestimated in the cacophony of fear over AI replacing humans and taking over jobs. Since its introduction, there have also been significant breakthroughs, and it is advancing at an exponential pace.

At present, the demand for AI experts is soaring. If you want to become one, favorable chances are your way. 

Powerful Examples of Artificial Intelligence 

In this section, let’s explore some of the powerful examples of AI in varying fields.

Face Recognition for Security and Identification 

As image processing and recognition is a subfield of AI, technology helps audiences with security and identification. Unlike manual entries, where each day employees have to show their identification card before entering the office gate, facial recognition is being used to identify employees through their faces, and they don’t even have to take out hands from their pockets.

Apart from this, biometric authentication systems in the online banking system also protect customer’s identity and financial information by providing more robust authentication methods such as fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, and voice recognition. In addition, AI makes the task of identifying human rights violations such as human trafficking quicker and more extensive by making use of face recognition technology. 


As AI is advancing, it has introduced augmented robots that can easily perform various automated tasks without constant human intervention and reduce human workloads in assembly, packaging, customer service, HR, etc. This optimization reduces not only operational costs but also reduces employee costs substantially. Invisible AI, Automation Anywhere, Mythic, Uptake, and many others are using AI to improve their manufacturing processes in order to optimize their operations. 

Artificial Intelligence in Automation thus prevents fraud and, most importantly, improves overall efficiency.

Weather Forecasting

The traditional models of weather forecasting are dependent on statistical measurements of numeric models that obviously provide inaccurate results. This is where AI can help improve weather forecasting’s accuracy and efficiency while reducing the workload for human forecasters.

Machine learning algorithms are used to make AI predictions. By using linear regression principles to analyze more complex data in a shorter amount of time, forecasters can now make more accurate forecasts, saving lives and resources. For instance, in the farming industry, AI-based forecasting allows producers to make critical decisions about planting and harvesting. Similarly, in the transportation domain, it allows airlines to maximize the use of their planes. Due to accurate results, the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), IBM, Panasonic, and others are using AI for weather forecasting. 

Help Visually Impaired People

As AI is advancing, it helps visually impaired people and people with disabilities or special needs. AI is improving the text-to-voice and voice-to-text conversion capabilities, which may make it easier for visually disabled or hearing-impaired individuals to use information and communication technology. Various applications and wearables that use AI and machine learning to understand and verbally narrate the world surrounding the visually impaired are currently available. The increasing availability of vision-assist systems powered by AI has the potential to elevate life to new heights.

Google Location Services and Maps

One of the most common applications of AI is google location services and maps. Whether you want to call Uber or order your tasty food at your exact location, AI-based location services and maps are here to assist you. Not only in assisting in finding the precise location, but it can also calculate the time of travel that calculates average speed through certain roads. By analyzing every bit of information, AI-based algorithms suggest shorter yet safer routes, highly rated cafes, and other places around. 

Accurate Diagnosis and Error-Free Treatment

Diagnosing diseases is a severe, time-consuming method that puts doctors under strain and often delays life-saving patient diagnostics. AI and Machine learning technology help the medical field by automatically diagnosing diseases, making diagnostics cheaper and accessible. Also, technologies can help in the development of drugs by recognizing targets for intervention, identifying drug candidates, speeding up clinical trials, and finding biomarkers. In addition, AI can also offer personalized treatment as algorithms can predict a patient’s probable response to a particular treatment.

Apart from them, AI-controlled vehicles and AI-assisted home appliances are also helping people, making their life easier and more comfortable.

Concluding Lines

AI never sleeps, and this is actually potentially highly beneficial to us all. While there are some genuine concerns about its potential to eliminate or make some types of jobs irrelevant, AI could open entirely new work areas. As AI continues to evolve with modern algorithms and improved hardware, it is for sure that AI will improve that no one ever imagined. 

If you are one of those enthusiasts who want to have a rewarding career, this is the best time to learn AI and become an AI Expert. As the scope of AI is booming, becoming an AI Expert can help you achieve that success that you are looking for. 

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