How Is Artificial Intelligence Improving Email Marketing?

Back in time, the marketing process was seen as a human-driven endeavor which was perfected through a plethora of cases of trial and error. The concept of automation driving the marketing process was unimagined. With the dawn of the Digital Age in today’s era, new technologies are now revolutionizing the marketing landscape. One such technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Breakthrough of Artificial Intelligence can be traced back to 2016 when machine learning was introduced, a program which has the ability to figure out things itself; a program that can reprogram itself. Artificial Intelligence helps to identify and point out the most predictive elements from a large pool of data. Having a unique characteristic, AI can help to discover the most valuable data with diverse data blocks. This unique ability helps to figure out which data is important and the ones which can be ignored.

Improved Email Marketing With Artificial Intelligence

The first email which was sent can be dated back to 1971. Over a period of time, email has been preferred for the most common formal and informal form of communication. The biggest advantage of artificial intelligence in marketing is that it allows the delivering of the right message to the right audience at the right time, all of it in an automatic manner. This is referred to as Email Marketing Triad. Let us now understand how artificial intelligence will help marketers in enhancing their strategy and improve the overall marketing objective.

Enhanced Segmentation

Artificial intelligence enables segmentation of the subscribers as per the data collected through the preference center. Subscriber/consumers have a myriad of interests and choices. Therefore, it is very important to have a separate list and send each of them a different email based on their details. Segmenting the subscribers can be based on parameters such as geographic location, past purchases, demographics, total purchase value and different types of products and services searched for. Segmentation of email lists will enhance the open rate, conversions and click through rate. It will help to determine precise customer information to boost email engagement.

Engrossing Subject Lines

The power of artificial intelligence lies in its ability to draft better email subject lines which is the ultimate way to enhance email metrics and strengthen the overall campaign performance. An AI enabled application named ‘Phrasee’, is an email marketing vendor who uses a specific set of algorithms to generate email content, subject headlines, and call-to-action content. This application takes into consideration a company’s ‘personality’ and other numerous phrases that can be appealing to its subscribers, something which will want their subscribers to interact with the mail sent to them. The algorithm takes information from the campaigns which have been run in the past to understand the behavioral model of its target audience’s engagement. Applications like these have taken email marketing to a whole new level which is powered with artificial intelligence technology.

Personalized Emails To Every Subscriber

Artificial Intelligence can be leveraged for effective data management. With an increase in subscribers list, with time it gets more and more difficult to handle and manage such data. AI enables a thorough study of customer behavior and manages the customer data which in turn helps to send personalized email to each and every subscriber. For instance, if a subscriber checks their email in the noon, they will receive the mail as that particular time since AI will determine that behavior and customize the emails for every individual. One can also allow the subscribers to set preferences as per their requirement and send tailor-made emails which match their interest and leave them wanting for more.

Sending The Right Email At The Right Time

To grab the subscriber’s attention can be a tedious as the mailboxes are inundated with emails every day. Hence, it is imperative to send the right email at the right time. A right combination of predictive analysis along with artificial intelligence proves to be of immense help, an asset, to study consumer behavior and build an email automation system which is purely based on the insights generated through that data.

Custom Made Product Recommendations

We’re all aware that how e-commerce websites shoot in product recommendation using the customer’s past purchase history. The same can be adopted into email marketing which will help to send out relevant product recommendations which will boost customer loyalty and increase the click to convert ratio of emails. Artificial intelligence algorithms help marketers to gain insight into a customer’s online activity, past purchases and browsing history. Eventually, it supports customer engagement and boosts sales by sending personalized suggestions in real time.

Lifecycle Marketing

With the burgeoning competition, the marketing industry is leaving no room for new entrants. To thrive in this competitive environment, marketers should understand the need to send out unique email campaigns for a higher return on investment. Artificial intelligence and predictive analysis provide insights to a marketer and help them understand how long it takes for an average customer to finally make a purchase. Based on such data, one can determine the customer lifecycle- awareness, time taken for consideration and the final decision. Based on this data, emails can be sent accordingly.

Artificial intelligence can surely be the backbone in the email marketing industry as it allows creating emails which match the customer’s action and decision. With innovations flooding the economy, this technology is bound to set a benchmark in the marketing industry. 

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