How Technology is Being Used to Fight Corona?

The quick spread of coronavirus has empowered companies to try every trick at hand. One trick that seems to work effectively is the optimum use of technology. From strict surveillance to food delivery, tech innovations are being used to make lockdown days easier for the common public.

Hence, in this article, we have discussed many of the tech utilizations shared by artificial intelligence experts. Dive in and see how tech is becoming a front-line hero during COVID-19.

As many of the artificial intelligence experts believe that these tech inventions and usage methods should be utilized even when the pandemic subsides, understand how deliveries, surveillance, security, and medical is being affected.

Here Are the Technologies Which Are Helping in Fighting Corona

Every world leader including Baidu, Alibaba, Huawei, etc. have increased their healthcare efforts to find a vaccine sooner than later and offer some extra relief to lockdown public. Let’s see how these world leaders are helping in using technology to fight coronavirus pandemic.

1.     Location Tracking

Certainly, location tracking is the most utilized technology now. Government and intelligent services are using location tracking to understand where an infected person visited before he or she was isolated or put in quarantine. This information helps in reaching out to possibly infected individuals and quarantine them as a precautionary method.

However, this is not really possible in every country because of strict data protection laws. For instance, due to GDPR, Europe is facing trouble in tracking the whereabouts of the individuals.

On the other hand, countries like India have developed special apps such as Aarogya Setu to keep quarantined public informed and help the authorities track positive cases earlier.  This app also allows individuals to track COVID-19 positive cases in nearby areas.

2.     Smart Imaging

Smart imaging techniques powered by artificial intelligence are being utilized to detect the temperature of individuals. This is achieved without coming in contact with the individual.

Further, countries like China are also in the process of developing smart imaging systems that can detect if a person is wearing a mask or not. All this without coming in the near vicinity of individuals.

In simple words, smart imaging can help in reducing human contact when checking temperature or maintaining compliance (corona-related).

3.     AI For Tracking

This type of tracking, according to artificial intelligence experts, can help in the future. A company named Bluedot uses AI to track pandemic and outbreak conditions. This company also hinted at the outbreak even prior to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a notice.

Similar to Bluedot, artificial intelligence tracking systems can be utilized to analyze the pandemic conditions prior to the actual outbreak. This can help in releasing warnings and containing the disease spread earlier.

4.     Drone For Delivering

Even during the outbreak (when the whole world is under lockdown), hospitals and medical centers require medical deliveries. They require masks, gloves, medicines, and other necessary gear and essentials. All these essentials are being safely delivered to the hospital using an unmanned drone in some countries.

Other than the delivery of medical essentials, the common public can also receive essentials through the drone. This can help in eliminating human contact and the risk of spreading the virus. The rider, as well as the individual, ordering the essentials, can stay safe.

5.     Chatbots For Information Sharing

Let’s be honest, chatbots were used for information sharing even earlier. Right now, when technical support staff can’t stay online for longer durations, AI-powered chatbots can prove helpful for the common public.

This is because a lot of people who require authentic information related to coronavirus may want someone to answer their queries. An AI chatbot can achieve this without any hassle. Even a pre-programmed chatbot can help in delivering information such as the number of positive coronavirus cases, causalities, etc.

6.     Supercomputers For Vaccine

Companies like Huawei, Tencent, etc. are using supercomputers to improve the speed of vaccine development.

Currently, the vaccine is the only way to stop this pandemic, as confirmed by various authentic sources. Hence, without a vaccine, we can keep experiencing new waves of coronavirus even after multiple weeks of lockdown. A situation which is similar to what China is facing.

To fast-track the development of a vaccine, supercomputers are being utilized to process huge amounts of data and help scientists make better decisions.


Artificial intelligence experts believe that our fight against coronavirus pandemic can be successful if we start using and promoting valuable technology. This will not only make the fight easier but also help individuals cope up with the lockdown days.