Microsoft Wants To Discover A Cure For Cancer By Using AI and Machine Learning

It is known that every sixth person in the world dies due to cancer. The figure was accurately 8.9 million in 2016.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could use technology to find a cure for cancer or detect it before it starts to progress?

Even after the emergence of various treatments and drugs, cancer is one deadly illness which bounces back and affects many people. While some lifestyle habits increase the chance of cancer occurrence, it can still happen to anyone. There are so many victims of this disease and the count is ever increasing. Cancer still remains the biggest rival of humans.

Now, Microsoft is planning to find a cure for this disease in the next 10 year. According to various reports, the company is utilizing machine learning and AI technology to treat and remove cancer similar to computer viruses. If this mission is successful, the technology could be used to reprogram cancerous cells to become healthy.

Currently, the company is working on building a biological computation unit, which will help them program and reprogram human cells to treat life-threatening diseases like cancer.

The team working on this project is utilizing machine learning to analyze huge amounts of available data so that the system can understand how it occurs and everything else related to different types of cancers.

While for a normal person, computers and human cells are different, it has some similarities. The complex processes carried out in our cells match the ones happening in computers. This aspect can be utilized to understand how human cells work, what diseases these cells, and how these cells can be cured.

Although Microsoft has adopted a totally different approach for treating cancer and finding a cure, this can be our chance to discover a solution. Many scientists have tried a medical approach but the truth remains the same – humans can’t analyze every research and data available on cancer in the world. Machines can and machine learning can do it effectively. Combining all these characteristics, we may be able to find a cure for cancer in the next 10 years.