How Virtual Reality Could Transform Your Music Experience?

Disruptive or rather immersive technologies are sparking innovation across industries. Virtual and Augmented reality is such technology that is revolutionizing the music industry. With streaming becoming popular, it has made music more accessible. But with changing times and needs, the industry is offering its listeners with more engaging and emotional experience via digital technology, i.e., virtual reality.

To begin with, Virtual reality creates a three-dimensional environment using a combination of computer software and hardware. For anyone immersed in this surrounding, the senses perceive objects around them as real. VR technology stimulates our sense of balance and other physiological factors. Virtual reality is now being used by musicians as a natural form of expression to embrace and create a more intimate connection with their fans. For instance, after the launch of Youtube’s and Facebook’s 360° video posting platform, musicians have leveraged this opportunity to create a 360° music video. Applications of virtual reality have made it possible to have a feeling of ‘being inside’ the video. During such experience, users can interact with the content while being immersed in the virtual reality environment. They can apply audio effects, manipulate environments through movement making the user feel like they’ve ‘entered’ the music. Some platforms also have the ability to turn two-dimensional video content into a three-dimensional virtual reality music experience. This also significantly reduces cost as the artist will not have to create a specific content just for VR. Although VR doesn’t fully replace that sweaty, alcohol smelling excitement filled surrounding of a live concert, but it surely does transform the manner in which fans experience, see and listen to music. For people who can’t be physically present at a venue can also experience watching their favorite artist. It will be more like being close to the action, move around the event, watch it from the first row or even by being next to the singer or drummer. Individuals from all across the world can experience an event taking place at any other place, thanks to virtual reality. Body language, voice, interactions help users feel the presence of other people, making the user feel as if they’re occupying the same space, regardless of their physical presence in the real world. Virtual reality is the new teleporting machine of the present era.

Not just this, Virtual reality is poised to change the way we learn and practice instruments. A plethora of application is being developed to make learning instruments a more exciting experience, like learning to play the keyboard or drums in VR. This again is cost-effective, and the user can learn it as per their own time and speed. Although Virtual reality is in its nascent stage of development, artists and music lovers will be able to express and experiment like never before. Technology is changing the way we interact and create music. It presents us with an opportunity to listen, see and experience music in an untraditional manner.

The new realities won’t disparage reality. Rather, it will extend and enhance reality, making artists and music lovers more daring to be creative, imaginative. Virtual reality will bridge the gap between artists and music lover and has the potential to become lucrative and revolutionary for the music industry.

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