The Best Way to Learn Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, an amazing transformation of the 21st century. Who would have thought a single tech would be able to bring multiple breakthroughs in different industries? It is truly the technology of the future.

However, learning this technological advancement is not easy. It requires constant practice and immense dedication. Most of the times learners don’t find the right path or the best artificial intelligence course.

A Quora user asked a similar question from AI experts spread across the globe. Here’s the question, What is the best way to learn Artificial Intelligence for a beginner?”

Today, in this article, we will answer this question for every skilled or beginner artificial intelligence learner. Dive in and start learning.

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  •     Here’s How to Learn Artificial Intelligence

o   Pick a Problem

o   Find a Rapid Solution

o   Improve This Solution

o   Share Your Solution

o   Repeat

o   Complete an Artificial Intelligence Course for Beginners

  •     Conclusion

Before we start exploring the method to learn artificial intelligence or complete AI certificate programs, it is necessary to keep an open mind. No approach fits everyone. You may want to tweak some steps and find the best approach for your learning.

Here’s How to Learn Artificial Intelligence

We are explaining the below steps considering that you already have some level of knowledge in artificial intelligence or you have completed an artificial intelligence course for beginners.

1.     Pick a Problem

It is always easier to start will a problem at hand. There are multiple disoriented topics and you can get confused picking all these topics at once. Hence, choose a problem instead and start working on this problem. This way, you will practically understand how to utilize various concepts together to find the best solution to a problem. In fact, problem-solving improves your active response to a problem.

Some things to remember when choosing the problem:

  •     It should be an area of interest.
  •     Data related to the problem should be widely available.
  •     You should be able to work on a single machine using this data.

2.     Find a Rapid Solution

It is simple to miss details and tune a complex AI algorithm. But, here we need the most basic solution which can cover the comprehensive problem scenario. This would be easy if you have already completed an artificial intelligence course for beginners.

Understand data, find an artificial intelligence model, train this model, assess the results, and analyse the performance of the created model. That’s all!

3.     Improve This Solution

Now, after you have the basic solution for the problem, try to refine this solution. Understand the loopholes and make changes. For instance, analyse the performance and see where you can improve speed. See if you can improve the overall performance of the model by just feeding in processed and clean data.

An important part of this step is to inspect every data row and visualize distributions to find places where changes would reveal a better outcome. In simple words, you have to deep dive into the model and analyze it through and through for enhanced results and better understanding.

4.     Share Your Solution

One of the best methods we have found for self-improvement is sharing.

Firstly, join communities. Then, every time you solve a problem, post your solution. It enables others to look at the solution and give their feedback. Many people will suggest you some things worth remembering.

The next time when you are working on a problem like this, you will remember the learnings given from the community.

More than just knowledge, communities encourage beginners to move forward and learn more. It is an engagement activity every new artificial intelligence student should carry out.

5.     Repeat

Once you have solved this problem, repeat. Keep picking up problems and keep finding solutions to these problems. If you have solved a problem with tabular data, take up a problem to solve images or one that contains reduced structured text.

A necessary business objective for artificial intelligence experts is taking an unstructured objective and converting it to an artificial intelligence use-case. For this, you will require more practice with unstructured text.

6.     Complete an Artificial Intelligence Course for Beginners

There are multiple things that you can learn in artificial intelligence. You complete one problem and another will come up, and the cycle goes on. Hence, we would also suggest taking up AI certificate programs or joining the best artificial intelligence course for enhanced knowledge.

A structured approach to learning never harms. This means that you can gain additional knowledge with a course and expert guidance.


While we have already discussed that one approach doesn’t fit every person, one thing that works for every individual is consistent practical knowledge. So, that should be your strategy to move in the direction of effective learning. Always prefer methods that offer practical knowledge such as an AI certificate program or the method defined above.